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The Society

TV Show
1 Season
10 Episodes
Drama, Sci-Fi & Fantasy
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The Society Poster
When everyone else mysteriously vanishes from their wealthy town, the teen residents of West Ham must forge their own society to survive.
The Society Poster

The Society

TV Show
Drama, Sci-Fi & Fantasy
1 Season
10 Episodes
When everyone else mysteriously vanishes from their wealthy town, the teen residents of West Ham must forge their own society to survive.
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Netflix 1 Season

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Latest Episodes

Season 1 Episode 1
The Society Episode: What Happened
May 10th 2019
Season 1 Episode 2
The Society Episode: Our Town
May 10th 2019
Season 1 Episode 3
The Society Episode: Childhoods End
May 10th 2019
Season 1 Episode 4
The Society Episode: Drop by Drop
May 10th 2019
Season 1 Episode 5
The Society Episode: Putting on the Clothes
May 10th 2019
Season 1 Episode 6
The Society Episode: Like a Fing God or Something
May 10th 2019
Season 1 Episode 7
The Society Episode: Allies Rules
May 10th 2019
Season 1 Episode 8
The Society Episode: Poison
May 10th 2019
Season 1 Episode 9
The Society Episode: New Names
May 10th 2019
Season 1 Episode 10
The Society Episode: How it Happens
May 10th 2019


Kathryn Newton
Allie Pressman
Gideon Adlon
Becca Gelb
Sean Berdy
Sam Eliot
Jacques Colimon
Will LeClair
Olivia DeJonge
Elle Tomkins
Kristine Froseth
Kelly Aldrich
Jos Julin
Toby Wallace
Campbell Eliot
Rachel Keller
Cassandra Pressman
Created By: Christopher Keyser
Directed By: Marc Webb (1 Episode)
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by J. D. Parent - Is this helpful?UpvoteDownvote

The teens of West Ham high are taken on school buses for a camping trip. They return to find their town completely empty, all the exits blocked and no communication with the outside world. They must learn to fend for themselves and how to survive on their own.
Together they must solve a murder, figure out a system for living and what happened to everyone else. The characters boundaries, alliances and decision making skills are tested while they try to do their best to live without any family or adults to help them.

Personal Opinion:

I thought this show was very realistic and interesting. There are plenty of twists and turns as well as some very lovable and not so lovable characters.
Like most teenagers, they start off partying and taking advantage of having no adults around. Their attitudes begin to shift when they realize they may be stuck there alone for a while and decide to ration food and set up a society together. Guards are assigned for safety, a leader is chosen and they even organize a getting home committee. Things escalate to not so ideal circumstances though as their society begins to crack and fall apart. The teens begin to fight for power and start taking matters into their own hands when things don't work out the way they want. One of the teens even ends up pregnant and fearful with no doctors around.
The actors did a great job bringing the characters to life and making them believable.
The side stories of certain characters keep things interesting and make it hard not to binge watch.
by Peter89Spencer - Is this helpful?UpvoteDownvote
I wanna say it's a shame that it got cancelled, but to be honest I didn't really cared much for the show.
It was a bit too dark for me.
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