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La Révolution

TV Show
1 Season
8 Episodes
1787, France. While investigating a series of mysterious murders, Joseph Guillotin - the future inventor of the world famous ‘Guillotine’ - uncovers an unknown virus: the Blue Blood. The disease quickly spreads amongst the French aristocracy, driving them to murder ordinary people and soon leads to a rebellion.
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Netflix 1 Season

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Latest Episodes

Season 1 Episode 1
La Rvolution Episode: Episode 1
October 16th 2020
Season 1 Episode 2
La Rvolution Episode: Episode 2
October 16th 2020
Season 1 Episode 3
La Rvolution Episode: Episode 3
October 16th 2020
Season 1 Episode 4
La Rvolution Episode: Episode 4
October 16th 2020
Season 1 Episode 5
La Rvolution Episode: Episode 5
October 16th 2020
Season 1 Episode 6
La Rvolution Episode: Episode 6
October 16th 2020
Season 1 Episode 7
La Rvolution Episode: Episode 7
October 16th 2020
Season 1 Episode 8
La Rvolution Episode: Episode 8
October 16th 2020


Amir El Kacem
Joseph Guillotin
Marilou Aussilloux
Elise de Montargis
Lionel Erdogan
Albert Guillotin
Julien Frison
Donatien de Montargis
Dimitri Storoge
Edmond de Pérouse
Amlia Lacquemant
Coline Beal
Laurent Lucas
Charles de Montargis
Gaia Weiss
Created By: Aurélien Molas
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by Challenger51 - Is this helpful?UpvoteDownvote
La Révolution is a very decent series as long as you know what you're getting yourself into. I think a lot of people might dislike this series because they mistake it for something else.
It's a historical setting, yes, but it's definitely not an actual depiction of the French Revolution.
Don't watch this if you want to learn about some real history (there are plenty of other options for that). That being said, they did a stellar job of presenting us the look and feel of that time with the sets, costumes and overall impression of that time period. The production level is top notch! But they took a giant leap with the creative freedom part and in my opinion it works, I actually like it a lot! [spoiler]I enjoy the integration of zombies in the 18th century![/spoiler] The characters have some depth to them and the acting is very solid. The storyline flows really well and is binge-worthy for sure.

And then last but definitely not least: the music! This series is an absolute treat when it comes to music! This is most certainly one of the best series I've ever seen when it comes to music direction. You can tell that a lot of work and thinking went into producing the right kind of music for a specific scene and it immensely elevates the series as a whole. I was very impressed by this!

If you're into the fantasy and horror genre you should give this series a try. I'm really looking forward to the 2nd season!
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