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TV Show
TV Tokyo
3 Seasons
64 Episodes
Action, Adventure, Mystery, Action & Adventure, Anime
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.hack follows several young players as they navigate the vast, mysterious MMORPG known as “The World” – a place, it turns out, that is sometimes impossible to leave.
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TV Show
TV Tokyo
Action, Adventure, Mystery, Action & Adventure, Anime
3 Seasons
64 Episodes
.hack follows several young players as they navigate the vast, mysterious MMORPG known as “The World” – a place, it turns out, that is sometimes impossible to leave.
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Latest Episodes

Season 3 Episode 25
hack Episode: Truth
September 28th 2006
Season 3 Episode 26
hack Episode: Determination
September 28th 2006
Season 3 Episode 24
hack Episode: Confront
September 21st 2006
Season 3 Episode 23
hack Episode: Trial
September 14th 2006
Season 3 Episode 22
hack Episode: Bonds
September 7th 2006
Season 3 Episode 21
hack Episode: Defeat
August 31st 2006
Season 3 Episode 20
hack Episode: Pursuit
August 24th 2006
Season 3 Episode 19
hack Episode: Violation
August 17th 2006
Season 3 Episode 18
hack Episode: Limit
August 10th 2006
Season 3 Episode 17
hack Episode: Painful Forest
July 27th 2006


Megumi Toyoguchi
Mimiru (voice)
Kazuhiro Nakata
Bear (voice)
Kaori Nazuka
Subaru (voice)
Akiko Hiramatsu
BT (voice)
Hiroshi Yanaka
Sora (voice)
Shinichiro Miki
Crim (voice)
Isshin Chiba
White Knight (voice)
Rie Tanaka
Morganna (voice)
Yumi Touma
Helba (voice)
Takumi Yamazaki
Harald Hoerwick (voice)
Nobuyuki Hiyama
Balmung of the Azure Sky (voice)
Sara Nakayama
Kao (voice)
Atsuko Enomoto
Mistral (voice)
Kouichi Sakaguchi
Salue (voice)
Kan Tanaka
Magic User (voice)
Yasunori Masutani
Orca (voice)
Masumi Asano
BlackRose (voice)
Mitsuki Saiga
Elk (voice)
Tomomichi Nishimura
Lios (voice)
Nozomu Sasaki
Bear's Son (voice)
Masako Katsuki
Mimika (voice)
Sayaka Aida
Kite (voice)
Chiemi Chiba
Female Warrior (voice)
Minami Takayama
Mia (voice)
Maaya Sakamoto
Aura (voice)
Created By: Yoshiyuki Sadamoto

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zurn says...
one year ago
"(from my old collection of anime reviews circa 2003) Fantasy adventure / suspense. The dull main character finds himself in a vivid online gameworld, unable to log out. Why? Who knows, it's too slow, and the ending concludes nothing. Neat premise, nice art, not enough story."
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