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Emperor of the Sea

Emperor of the Sea (2004)

Full Cast & Crew

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Person Type Job Role(s) Episodes
Choi Inho
Choi In-ho
Crew Writing Novel 51
Kang Ilsoo
Kang Il-soo
Crew Directing Director 51
Hwang Juha
Hwang Ju-ha
Crew Writing Writer 51
Park Inhwan
Park In-hwan
Cast Actor Bogo's father 51
Park Youngkyu
Park Young-kyu
Cast Actor Seol-pyeong 51
Kim Ahjoong
Kim Ah-joong
Cast Actress Baek Ha-jin 51
Song Ilgook
Song Il-gook
Cast Actor Yeom Moon/Yeom Jang 51
Lee Jaeyong
Lee Jae-yong
Cast Actor Master Jo Sang-gil 51
Chae Jungan
Chae Jung-an
Cast Actress Lady Chae-ryeong 51
Soo Ae
Soo Ae
Cast Actress Lady Jung-hwa 51
Choi Soojong
Choi Soo-jong
Cast Actor Jang Bogo/Gungbok 51
Lee Wonjong
Lee Won-jong
Cast Actor Choi Moo-chang 51
Bae Soobin
Bae Soo-bin
Cast Actor Kim Yang 51
Seo Doyoung
Seo Do-young
Cast Moo Jin 51
Kim Gabsoo
Kim Gab-soo
Cast Actor Lee Do-hyeong 51
Baek Sunghyun
Baek Sung-hyun
Cast Actor young Gungbok 51
Kil Yongwoo
Kil Yong-woo
Cast Actor 51
Chae Shira
Chae Shi-ra
Cast Actress Madam Jami 51
Person Type Job Role(s) Episodes
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