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Empty Nest

TV Show
Family, Comedy
7 Seasons
170 Episodes
Widowed pediatrician Harry Weston is a miracle worker when it comes to dealing with his young patients, but he's more challenged by the other people surrounding him: daughters Barbara and Carol; his wisecracking office assistant, nurse LaVerne Todd; and obnoxious neighborhood mooch Charley Dietz. Thank goodness he always finds a friendly shoulder (and a warm, wet tongue) in Dreyfuss, his enormous dog.
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Latest Episodes

Season 7 Episode 22
Empty Nest Episode: Remembrance of Clips Past
June 17th 1995
Season 7 Episode 21
Empty Nest Episode: My Pal ValyVal
June 10th 1995
Season 7 Episode 24
Empty Nest Episode: Life Goes On 2
April 29th 1995
Season 7 Episode 23
Empty Nest Episode: Life Goes On 1
April 29th 1995
Season 7 Episode 20
Empty Nest Episode: Stand By Your Man
March 25th 1995
Season 7 Episode 16
Empty Nest Episode: Harry Weston Mans Best Friend
March 18th 1995
Season 7 Episode 19
Empty Nest Episode: The ExFiles
March 18th 1995
Season 7 Episode 17
Empty Nest Episode: And Kevin Makes Three
March 4th 1995
Season 7 Episode 18
Empty Nest Episode: Feelings Whoa Whoa Whoa Feelings
February 25th 1995
Season 7 Episode 15
Empty Nest Episode: Grandma What Big Eyes You Have
February 4th 1995


Richard Mulligan
Dr. Harry Weston
Kristy McNichol
Barbara Weston
Park Overall
LaVerne Todd
Dinah Manoff
Carol Weston
David Leisure
Charley Dietz
Betty White
Rose Nylund
Edan Gross
Jeffrey Millstein
Leo Geter
Dr. Ross
Harold Gould
Dr. Stanfield Weston
Whit Hertford
Alec (as Whitby Hertford)
Mary Garripoli
Mother #2
Stephen Dorff
Billy at 14
Lindsay Parker
Diana Webster
Mrs. Lundquist
Created By: Susan Harris

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