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Ending So Gently

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Season 1  
Episode 30
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Episode 29
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Episode 28
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Episode 27
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Episode 26
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Episode 25
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Episode 24
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Episode 23
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Episode 22
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Episode 21
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Episode 20
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Episode 19
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Episode 18
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Episode 15
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Episode 13
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Episode 8
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7th Episode
Episode 7 - 6-02-2017
Takes (Noah), the invention of the freshness of the inventor located in the men's army, the freshness of human appear in his underwear, and (Mahboub) shall meet the girls in order to marry one of them, but he refuses, then he talked a problem in the men's camp, where it executes camphor of them stock, which threatens the occurrence of many problems, it is suggested (Sultan) go to camp girls and took camphor of them forcibly, but (Noah) warn him of it, and go for an interview (Niveran) secret underground, where to bring him tea and food, and knows them time yoga, which they can in which to enter girls camp and take camphor who Ihtegwa him, Vinker (increases) in the form of his sister (increase), and enter the camp But the view of girls and Dalan makes them glued in their places.
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6th Episode
Episode 6 - 6-01-2017
Training (Seha) and (Agnaby) on the festival, which They will abundance in the joy of (whole), and in the meantime, and after he leaves (whole), his fiancee (Bz) goes for (dear) and there asked her hand from her mother, and marry her, and before entering it, comes (Seha) and (Abnaby) believing that (all) married (Bz) before the agreed date, Vijbarham he married (dear), Vijbrah she's a girl is not suitable for marriage, where she knew many young people, so that her videos with them on their phones, and when he discovers the truth, the events dating back to the session (Haj) and (the need) and (Mahboub) and (karma) and (Sultan) and (Noah), and here agree (Karma) on the truce, and then agree (Sultan) also, then he goes ( To Tan) to tell his camp his decision, Vijavo to accept a truce for fear of punishment, which rejected the previous other times the truce, who shall their punishment because they rejected the truce.
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5th Episode
Episode 5 - 5-31-2017
The episode begins with a competition between the Mujahedeen, the Kala and Seha and the Foreigner in the singing of the festivals. After that, a video is posted on the Internet that makes the whole band on the ladder of fame. Then, He is beaten, and when he comes out to save him, it is clear that they are attending his birthday and celebrating it. After that, he returns to his house. A sister comes and enters the house. Shortly thereafter, a foreigner and an owl come to celebrate. And then he wants to kill (all), but (a foreigner) calmed him, and then ends by declaring (Sayha) sermon (whole) on the (Baisah) ), And after y You go out to the garden Khatibin, and there tells (whole) his fiancé (Bzia) that he can not complete with her and will not marry her because of her past.
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4th Episode
Episode 4 - 5-30-2017
Waking up (Sultan) from sleep and go to his brother (Noah) and almost to see the tea wick, and then go to make (increases) ends of the play cockroaches, and then sits to watch, and it turns out that this play was returned nine years ago in the men's camp, (Karma), where he is attending a birthday party. While he was taking Sylvie to the girls' camp by drawing, Haji came and told them that an accident had occurred and that she wanted to see Karma. Meanwhile, (Sultan), and when (Sultan) and (Noah) go to the house (Haj) come (Karma) and (beloved), and here discovers the (Haj) All of them were caught in a mold, where (Haj) and (the need) to gather the men and women camp commanders, to talk to them about something.
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3rd Episode
Episode 3 - 5-29-2017
It seems that the leaders of the army of women and men (Karma) and (Sultan) are not convinced of the truce proposed by (Haj), where he goes (authorities) to the grave of his father (the master of men) to ask him to give him a sign to accept or reject the truce, and then a trick in his army In order to discover the traitors, and ask them to walk on the embers of ironing forgive them, and then go out (need) with (beloved) and tell her why he is in the army of women, and then ask him to convince women to agree to the truce, and then (Noah) His brother Sultan forbids the presence of tea and coffee. He goes to the factory to check on the bride, which is made of plastic.
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2nd Episode
Episode 2 - 5-28-2017
The war begins between the army of men and the army of women, and each team uses its tools such as ball and spit on the part of men, slippers and food utensils by women. When the moment of attack comes with small weapons and beatings with hands, They take the deputies of the two armies and go to their house to come to a solution, then go home and because they have become primitive and know nothing about technology, strange and funny paradoxes result from their misuse of things, and then asked (The Elders) to agree on a truce for a month during which The story of the reasons for the separation of men and women in the stories of God And promises them that the camp and the army that adheres to the truce will give him the key to the weapons and ammunition store.
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1st Episode
Episode 1 - 5-27-2017
The events start with a confrontation between the army of men and the women's army in 2041, and then the events return because of that in 2017 when there was a quarrel between a couple (Kenzi) and (Wagdy) because of the lack of admiration way of life , and each group go to Facebook to clarify the other, to become a war on the media, and from here many couples divorce and separation from some, and then start a war between men and women is a war of annihilation, until the world was destroyed and changed its features , And the technology was finished, but Egypt did not save God from all this due to daylight saving time, nor did the nuclear did not hurt it because of the burning of straw And then the events of 1941 when the army of women and men face, and when they ended the need for war between them, but the events ended with the discovery of men and the presence of a man in the army of women.
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