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12 Monkeys (2015)

Full Cast & Crew

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Person Type Job Role(s) Episodes

Charles Roven
Crew Production Executive Producer 47

David Grossman
Crew Directing Director 1

Jeffrey Reiner
Crew Directing Director 1

Michael Waxman
Crew Directing Director 1

Natalie Chaidez
Crew Writing Writer 1

Richard Suckle
Crew Production Executive Producer 47

Terry Matalas
Crew Creator Creator

Travis Fickett
Crew Creator Creator

Aaron Stanford
Cast Actor James Cole 47

Alisen Down
Cast Actress Olivia Kirschner 47

Amanda Schull
Cast Actress Cassandra Railly 47

Amy Sloan
Cast Actress Elena 1

Barbara Sukowa
Cast Actress Katarina Jones 47

Brendan Coyle
Cast Actor Dr. Benjamin Kalman 1

Demore Barnes
Cast Actor Marcus Whitley 36

Emily Hampshire
Cast Actress Jennifer Goines 47

Kirk Acevedo
Cast Actor José Ramse 36

Noah Bean
Cast Actor Aaron Marker 13

Todd Stashwick
Cast Actor Deacon 38

Tom Noonan
Cast Actor Pallid Man 24

Brooke Williams
Cast Actress Hannah 11

Claire Cooper
Cast Actress Eliza 1

David Richmond-Peck
Cast Actor Olivia's Agent 1

Dominique Provost-Chalkley
Cast Actress Arianna 1

Jack Fulton
Cast Actor Young Cole / Boy Witness 5

Harper Gunn
Cast Actress Hannah Jones (3 Years Old) 1

Miguel Anthony
Cast Actor Orderly #1 1

Olga Plojhar Bursíková
Cast Actress Woman 3 1
Person Type Job Role(s) Episodes
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