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12 oz Mouse Poster

12 oz. Mouse

TV Show
Adult Swim
Animation, Comedy, Mystery
3 Seasons
31 Episodes
12 oz. Mouse revolves around Mouse Fitzgerald, nicknamed "Fitz", an alcoholic mouse who performs odd jobs so he can buy more beer. Together with his chinchilla companion Skillet, Fitz begins to recover suppressed memories that he once had a wife and a child who have now vanished. This leads him to seek answers about his past and the shadowy forces that seem to be manipulating his world.
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Where to watch

HBO MAX 3 Seasons
DirecTV On Demand 2 Seasons
Adult Swim 1 Season
Adult Swim 1 Season


iTunes 3 Seasons
iTunes 3 Seasons
Google Play 1 Season
Google Play 1 Season
Amazon 2 Seasons
Amazon 2 Seasons
VUDU 1 Season
VUDU 1 Season
Microsoft Store 1 Season
Microsoft Store 1 Season
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Latest Episodes

Season 2 Episode 13
12 oz Mouse Episode: Prolegomenon
December 17th 2006
Season 2 Episode 12
12 oz Mouse Episode: Farewell
December 10th 2006
Season 2 Episode 11
12 oz Mouse Episode: PreReckoning
December 3rd 2006
Season 2 Episode 10
12 oz Mouse Episode: Eighteen
November 26th 2006
Season 2 Episode 9
12 oz Mouse Episode: Corndog Chronicles
November 19th 2006
Season 2 Episode 8
12 oz Mouse Episode: Meaty Dreamy
November 12th 2006
Season 2 Episode 7
12 oz Mouse Episode: Meat Warrior
November 5th 2006
Season 2 Episode 6
12 oz Mouse Episode: Auraphull
October 29th 2006
Season 2 Episode 5
12 oz Mouse Episode: Enjoy the Arm
October 22nd 2006
Season 2 Episode 4
12 oz Mouse Episode: Star Wars VII
October 15th 2006


Matt Maiellaro
Mouse Fitzgerald (voice)
Matt Harrigan
Liquor (voice)
Kurt Soccolich
Rectangular Businessman (voice)
Nick Weidenfeld
Peanut Cop (voice)
Created By: Matt Maiellaro

Featured Comments/Tips

JacobWP says...
7 years ago
"One of my most quotable, yet unintelligible shows I've ever watched. Talk about chock full of one liners. I love it for its weirdness"
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coolkevin54 says...
9 months ago
"Is someone able to add season 3? Thank you!"
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