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12-sai.: Chicchana Mune no Tokimeki

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Season 2  
Continue follow story season 1 Opening Theme "Ano ne, Kimi dake ni" by AOP (Member: Kei Tomoe, Yuuki Hirose, Saori Ogino, Risa Sakurana, Yui Fukuo and Aoi Mizuki). Ending Theem "Yuuki no Tsubasa" by Machico.
I Love You
Episode 12 - 12-18-2016
Haven't Seen
Episode 11 - 12-11-2016
Haven't Seen
Bye Bye
Episode 10 - 12-04-2016
Haven't Seen
School Trip
Episode 9 - 11-27-2016
Haven't Seen
Episode 8 - 11-20-2016
Haven't Seen
One-sided Love
Episode 7 - 11-13-2016
Haven't Seen
Episode 6 - 11-06-2016
Class 6-2 is performing a school play. The play is Cinderella, and Yui is cast as Cinderella and Yuuto as the prince.
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After the Rain
Episode 5 - 10-31-2016
Inaba takes Yui to the fair to cheer her up. He ties her wish bracelet to a balloon and sets it free to symbolize her leaving Kazuma.
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Episode 4 - 10-24-2016
Yui helps the girls in her class make wish bracelets, which are bracelets that, if worn by the person you like and yourself, will make the two of you stay together forever.
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Episode 3 - 10-17-2016
Parent's Day is coming up in class 6-2, and a lot of the family members of the students are coming to the class.
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Episode 2 - 10-10-2016
At cram school, Inaba tries to make Yui like him, but in the end she thinks of him as nothing more than a playboy.
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Love Kiss Kiss!?
Episode 1 - 10-03-2016
After entering her puberty, Yui Aoi started having pimples on her face, which worries her that because her pimple, Kazuma might not like.
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Season 1  
In Japan known as (12歳. ~ちっちゃなムネのトキメキ~). Base on manga series written and illustrated by Nao Maita. The anime is split into 2 season. Summary: Hanabi Ayase and her best friend, Yui aoi are 6th graders in school. When Hanabi is chosen to work with Yuuto Takao for an upcoming test, she begins to fall in love with him and they both start dating. Yui also falls in love with kazuma Hiyama, after he protects her from a classmate who talked about Yui behind her back, and they start dating as well. But with physiological changes and more and more obstacles in their love lives, will Hanabi nd Yui overcome everything and find true love at the age of 12? ** Opening Theme "Sweet Sensation" by Rie Murakawa. ** Ending Theme "Cotona MODE by AOP (Member: Kei Tomoe, Yuuki Hirose, Saori Ogino, Risa Sakurana, Yui Fukuo and Aoi Mizuki).
Episode 12 - 6-20-2016
With Yui's cram school lessons and Kazuma's work in his family's bathhouse, Hanabi and Yuuto are left to go on a date at the summer festival.
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Summer Love
Episode 11 - 6-13-2016
After accidentally hitting Yui on the head with a football during the gym lesson, Kazuma invites her to a pool date as an apology and they invite Hanabi and Yuuto.
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The Weaver Girl and the Cowherd
Episode 10 - 6-06-2016
With the Tanabata coming along, Hanabi's homeroom teacher asked the class to write something nice about their classmates in their Tanzaku in hopes that it will strengthen the bond between boys and girls in the class.
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Episode 9 - 5-30-2016
Due to a misunderstanding, Hanabi and Yui fall out with each other and won't speak to each other for the next few days. In the end, Hanabi reconciles with Yui while defending the latter from other girls from another school.
Haven't Seen
Episode 8 - 5-23-2016
Hanabi and Yui try to address Yuuto and Kazuma by their names, and to make the boys do the same. In the end, only Yui and Kazuma manage to, when Hanabi and Yuuto couldn't.
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Episode 7 - 5-16-2016
After Kazuma asked Yui to walk her home, she thinks what does she like him for. The answer finds it's begin in previous year...
Haven't Seen
Episode 6 - 5-09-2016
Ayumu tries to take Hanabi away from Yuuto. They wind up in a race. Cocoa, who wants to be Yuuto's girlfriend, decides to help Ayumu win. Can Hanabi and Yuuto discover the truth?
Haven't Seen
Episode 5 - 5-02-2016
Hanabi and Ayumu go shopping to get a present for Yuuto's birthday, after which Hanabi will go on a date with Yuuto and give him his present.
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Episode 4 - 4-25-2016
Class 6-2 has a new student: Hanabi's childhood friend who has just came back from Tokyo, who starts having a crush for Hanabi, despite seeming to be a bit of a bully.
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Double Date
Episode 3 - 4-18-2016
Yuuto asked Hanabi to go out with him. His girlfriend convinces him to take Yui and Kazuma along with them. The two couples go on a double date at the mall.
Haven't Seen
Episode 2 - 4-11-2016
At Yui's household the bath broke and she has to take bath at Hiyama Bathhouse. Even though she decided not to fall in love, she starts having feelings for Kazuma Hiyama.
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Kiss. Hate. Love.
Episode 1 - 4-04-2016
Finally, Hanabi Ayase, Yui Aoi, Marin Ogura and the others are 6th graders! One day, the girls are talking about kissing.
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Boyfriend Age 4
Episode 12 - 12-01-2015
Haven't Seen
Boyfriend Age 3
Episode 11 - 10-03-2015
Haven't Seen
Boyfriend Age 2
Episode 10 - 9-03-2015
Haven't Seen
Boyfriend Age 1
Episode 9 - 7-03-2015
Haven't Seen
Episode 8 - 12-27-2014
Haven't Seen
Episode 7 - 12-27-2014
Haven't Seen
Episode 6 - 12-01-2014
Haven't Seen
Confession Age 3
Episode 5 - 11-01-2014
Haven't Seen
Confession Age 2
Episode 4 - 10-03-2014
Haven't Seen
Confession Age 1
Episode 3 - 9-03-2014
Haven't Seen
Episode 2 - 7-03-2014
Haven't Seen
Kiss Hate Love
Episode 1 - 4-03-2014
Haven't Seen
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