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13 Demon Street

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Season 1  
Black Nemesis
Episode 13
Haven't Seen
Murder in the Mirror
Episode 12
Haven't Seen
Never Steal a Warlock's Wife
Episode 11
Haven't Seen
The Secret of the Telescope
Episode 10
Haven't Seen
A Gift of Murder
Episode 9
Haven't Seen
The Vine of Death
Episode 8
Haven't Seen
The Photograph
Episode 7
Haven't Seen
The Book of Ghouls
Episode 6
Haven't Seen
The Girl in the Glacier
Episode 5
Haven't Seen
Green are the Leaves
Episode 4
Haven't Seen
Condemned in the Crystal
Episode 3
Haven't Seen
Episode 2
Haven't Seen
The Black Hand
Episode 1 - 1-01-1959
A doctor and his wife are involved in a head on accident. The doctor's hand is caught in the steering column of his burning car. After freeing himself of the vehicle and doing necessary surgery, he decides to put the dead man's hand from the other vehicle onto himself to replace his missing limb. Bad things start to happen while the doctor wonders what the cause of recent problems are.
Haven't Seen
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