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13 Reasons Why (2017)

Full Cast & Crew

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Person Type Job Role(s) Episodes

Brenda Strong
Crew Directing Director 2

Bronwen Hughes
Crew Directing Director 2

Carl Franklin
Crew Directing Director 2

Helen Shaver
Crew Directing Director 2

Jane Bartelme
Crew Production Producer 10

Jessica Yu
Crew Directing Director 6

John T. Kretchmer
Crew Directing Director 1

Kevin Dowling
Crew Directing Director 4

Michael Sugar
Crew Production Executive Producer

Russell Mulcahy
Crew Directing Director 2

Steve Golin
Crew Production Executive Producer 49

Tom McCarthy
Crew Production Executive Producer, Director 49

Tommy Lohmann
Crew Directing Director 1

Allen MacDonald
Crew Production Executive Producer, Writer, Teleplay, Story 10

Diana Son
Crew Production Executive Producer, Writer 13

Michael Sucsy
Crew Directing Director 2

Selena Gomez
Crew Production Executive Producer 49

Joy Gorman
Crew Production Executive Producer

Kristel Laiblin
Crew Production Executive Producer 49

Mandy Teefey
Crew Production Executive Producer

Jay Asher
Crew Writing Novel 49

Brian Yorkey
Crew Production Executive Producer, Creator, Director, Writer, Teleplay 49

Mario Perez
Crew Crew Stunts 1

Amy Hargreaves
Cast Actress Lainie Jensen 49

Andrea Roth
Cast Actress Noelle Davis 7

Andrew McCarthy
Cast Actor Mr. St. George 1

Ben Lawson
Cast Coach Rick 7

Benito Martinez
Cast Actor Sheriff Diaz 17

Brenda Strong
Cast Actress Nora Walker 22

Brett Baker
Cast Actor Judge Purdy 1

Brian d'Arcy James
Cast Actor Andrew Baker 22

David Douglas
Cast Andrew Gerges 2

Derek Luke
Cast Actor Kevin Porter 27

Gary Sinise
Cast Actor Robert Ellman 10

Jake Weber
Cast Actor Barry Walker 7

Josh Hamilton
Cast Actor Matt Jensen 34

Kate Burton
Cast Actress Dr. Hughes 1

Kate Walsh
Cast Actress Olivia Baker 27

Keiko Agena
Cast Actress Pam Bradley 5

Kimiko Gelman
Cast Actress Vice Principal Jane Childs 3

Mark Pellegrino
Cast Actor Bill Standall 26

Meredith Monroe
Cast Actress Carolyn Standall 10

Parminder Nagra
Cast Actress Priya Singh 4

Raymond J. Barry
Cast Actor Mr. Chatham 3

Reed Diamond
Cast Actor Hansen Foundry 7

Richard Gross
Cast Actor Judge 1

Robert Gant
Cast Actor Todd Crimsen 5

Rocky Capella
Cast Actor Referee 2

Steven Weber
Cast Actor Gary Bolan 25

Tom Everett Scott
Cast Actor Mr. Down 8

Allison Miller
Cast Actress Sonya Struhl 12

Christian Navarro
Cast Actor Tony Padilla 49

Dylan Minnette
Cast Actor Clay Jensen 49

Jackie Geary
Cast Actress Amber Foley 5

Maria Dizzia
Cast Actress Mrs. Down 7

Matthew Alan
Cast Actor Seth 9

Miles Heizer
Cast Actor Alex Standall 49

Reynaldo Gallegos
Cast Actor Alejandro 1

Alisha Boe
Cast Actress Jessica Davis 49

Justin Prentice
Cast Actor Bryce Walker 49

Timothy Granaderos
Cast Actor Montgomery de la Cruz 43

Alain Ali Washnevsky
Cast Actor Interviewer #1 1

Bex Taylor-Klaus
Cast Casey 7

Devin Druid
Cast Actor Tyler Down 39

Ross Butler
Cast Actor Zach Dempsey 49

Alex MacNicoll
Cast Actor Peter Standall 5

Katherine Langford
Cast Actress Hannah Baker 26

Brandon Flynn
Cast Actor Justin Foley 49

David Kallaway
Cast Actor Lewis 1

Jan Luis Castellanos
Cast Actor Diego Torres 10

Brittany Perry-Russell
Cast Actress Tracy Porter 4

Cody Banta
Cast Opponent 1

Tyler Barnhardt
Cast Charlie St. George

Deaken Bluman
Cast Winston Williams 15

Grace Saif
Cast Actress Ani Achola 23
Person Type Job Role(s) Episodes
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