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2 Broke Girls (2011)

Full Cast & Crew

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Person Type Job Role(s) Episodes

Bruce Alden
Crew Production Producer 66

Chris La Fountaine
Crew Camera Director of Photography 138

Don Scardino
Crew Directing Director 27

Fred Savage
Crew Directing Director 10

James Burrows
Crew Directing Director 4

Jean Sagal
Crew Directing Director 1

Joel Murray
Crew Directing Director 1

John Fortenberry
Crew Directing Director 2

Julie Ashton
Crew Production Casting 138

Laura Kightlinger
Crew Production Consulting Producer 92

Liz Astrof
Crew Production Executive Producer 44

Lucia Mace
Crew Costume & Make-Up Hairstylist 66

Michael Glouberman
Crew Production Co-Executive Producer 22

Michael Patrick King
Crew Production Executive Producer, Creator 44

Michelle Nader
Crew Production Executive Producer 44

Peter Flynn
Crew Crew Property Master 24

Phill Lewis
Crew Directing Director 9

Ted Wass
Crew Directing Director 9

Tim Kaiser
Crew Production Co-Executive Producer 114

Jay O'Connell
Crew Production Unit Production Manager, Co-Producer 138

Jessica Gordon-Samek
Crew Production Associate Producer 66

Julie Anne Robinson
Crew Directing Director 1

Shannon Dixon
Crew Production Associate Producer 90

Trayce Gigi Field
Crew Costume & Make-Up Costume Design 138

Whitney Cummings
Crew Creator Creator

Marsy Robinson
Crew Production Coordinating Producer 66

Patrick Walsh
Crew Production Co-Executive Producer, Producer, Supervising Producer, Consulting Producer, Writer 22

Sonny Lee
Crew Writing Writer 24

Adam Christopher
Crew Costume & Make-Up Makeup Artist 66

Brian Rubenstein
Crew Production Supervising Producer 22

Suzanne Cranfill
Crew Costume & Make-Up Costume Supervisor 138

Michael Lisbe
Crew Production Co-Executive Producer 22

Nate Reger
Crew Production Co-Executive Producer 22

Glenda Rovello
Crew Art Production Design 138

Amy Feldman
Crew Art Set Decoration 138

Joshua Meltzer
Crew Crew Property Master 66

Jill Cady
Crew Costume & Make-Up Makeup Artist 66

Pixie Schwartz
Crew Costume & Make-Up Hairstylist 114

Ajay Mehta
Cast Auctioneer 1

Alec Mapa
Cast Actor Lawrence 1

Amy Farrington
Cast Actress Leila 1

Andy Dick
Cast Actor J. Petto 2

Arden Myrin
Cast Actress Jodie 1

Ben Lawson
Cast Tim 1

Beth Littleford
Cast Actress Bonnie 1

Brad Grunberg
Cast Actor 1

Brian Doyle-Murray
Cast Actor Blarney Bill 1

Brian Thompson
Cast Actor 1

Brooke Dillman
Cast Actress Sister Fran 1

Bryan Callen
Cast Actor Tony 1

Carla Gallo
Cast Actress 1

Cedric the Entertainer
Cast Actor Darius 1

Chris Williams
Cast Actor Perry 1

Christopher Gorham
Cast Actor Bobby 5

Dale Dickey
Cast Actress 1

Dimitri Diatchenko
Cast Actor Yuri 1

Dot-Marie Jones
Cast Actress Big Reba 1

Eddie Pepitone
Cast Actor Barney 1

Edi Patterson
Cast Actress Janis 1

Edward Hibbert
Cast Actor Bernard 1

Elizabeth Regen
Cast Actress Peggy 1

French Stewart
Cast Actor Mr. Bronski 1

Gail Borges
Cast Actress Commissioner 1

Garrett Morris
Cast Actor Earl Washington 138

Gill Gayle
Cast Actor Sloppy Joe 1

Greg Lewis
Cast Actor Customer 1

Hal Linden
Cast Actor Lester 1

Irene Roseen
Cast Actress Olivia 1

James McCauley
Cast Actor Adam 1

James Patrick Stuart
Cast Actor Ace 1

Jeff Garlin
Cast Actor David 1

Jennifer Coolidge
Cast Actress Sophie Kachinsky 117

Jerry Trainor
Cast Actor Lenin 1

Joel Swetow
Cast Actor Father Kozac 1

John Michael Higgins
Cast Actor Elliot 1

Josh Pais
Cast Actor Leo 1

Judith Roberts
Cast Actress Astrid 1

Karen Maruyama
Cast Actress Su-Min 1

Kat Dennings
Cast Actress Max Black 138

Leslie Grossman
Cast Actress Amy 1

Lindsay Lohan
Cast Actress Claire Guinness 1

Lindsey Stoddart
Cast Actress Rita 1

Lorna Scott
Cast Actress Cathy 1

Marsha Thomason
Cast Actress 2

Mary Lynn Rajskub
Cast Actress Bebe 5

Mary Pat Gleason
Cast Actress Blanche 1

Mary Testa
Cast Actress 1

Matt Winston
Cast Actor 1

Mike Grief
Cast Bouncer 1

Millicent Martin
Cast Actress Gertrude Goolsby 1

Mindy Sterling
Cast Actress 1

Mo Gaffney
Cast Actress Elaine 1

Nancy Young
Cast Actress Ginger Mom 1

Nick Jameson
Cast Actor MTA Announcer (voice) 1

Nora Dunn
Cast Actress Teresa 1

Oliver Muirhead
Cast Actor Dr. Gomulka 1

Pamala Tyson
Cast Lila 1

Peter Onorati
Cast Actor Nicky 1

Renée Taylor
Cast Actress 1

Riley Smith
Cast Actor 1

Robert Costanzo
Cast Actor Luigi 1

Rose Abdoo
Cast Actress 1

Cast Actor Himself 1

Sandra Bernhard
Cast Actress Joedth 5

Shulie Cowen
Cast Actress Lei 1

Skyler Stone
Cast Actor Jason 1

Stephanie Courtney
Cast Actress Eleanor 1

Steve Agee
Cast Actor Nurse 1

Steven Weber
Cast Actor Martin Channing 2

Tim Bagley
Cast Actor Dennis Edicott III 1

Travis Schuldt
Cast Actor Terry Williams 1

Wendy Worthington
Cast Actress Cranky Woman 1

Wesley Mann
Cast Actor Claude 1

Ally Maki
Cast Actress June 1

Bill Parks
Cast Actor Band Member 1

Cecelia Antoinette
Cast Actress Post Office Clerk 1

Crista Flanagan
Cast Actress Catherine 1

Dan Warner
Cast Actor 1

Dana Powell
Cast Shana 2

Frances Callier
Cast Actress Felicia 1

Jim Hoffmaster
Cast Loner Guy 1

Jonathan Kite
Cast Actor Oleg Golishevsky 138

Jonathan Kowalsky
Cast Raul 1

Joseph Ferrante
Cast Actor Rico 1

Lindsey Kraft
Cast Actress Monica 1

Liz Carey
Cast Actress Hippie Hat Girl 1

Nick Zano
Cast Actor Johnny 1

Nika Williams
Cast Actress Veronica 1

Rachel Cannon
Cast Actress Tia 1

Rebecca Corry
Cast Charlene 1

Ryan Hansen
Cast Actor Andy 12

Travis Van Winkle
Cast Actor 1

Valerie Azlynn
Cast Actress Romy 1

Eric André
Cast Actor Deke 8

India de Beaufort
Cast Actress Winona 1

Kim Kardashian
Cast Actress Herself 1

Laura Spencer
Cast Actress Donna 1

Matt Lasky
Cast Actor Gortak 1

Matthew Moy
Cast Actor Han Lee 138

Mikaela Hoover
Cast Actress Jessica 1

Patrick Cox
Cast Actor John 4

Beth Behrs
Cast Actress Caroline Channing 138

Danielle Macdonald
Cast Actress Ashlin 1

Irene Choi
Cast Actress Kickstarter Girl #2 1

Marisa Chen Moller
Cast Actress Professional Woman 1

Alice Lee
Cast Actress Ashleigh 1

Josie Totah
Cast Actress Elliot 1

Kaliko Kauahi
Cast Actress Booth Woman 1

Janelle Giumarra
Cast Actress 1
Person Type Job Role(s) Episodes
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