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2 Lava 2 Lantula! (2016)

Full Cast & Crew

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Person Type Job Role(s) Episodes

Lisa M. Hansen
Crew Production Producer 93.80

Paul Hertzberg
Crew Production Executive Producer 93.90

Don Money
Crew Editing Editor 73.30

Neil Elman
Crew Writing Screenplay, Co-Producer 87.70

Paul Ruddy
Crew Production Casting 83.50

Anthony Fankhauser
Crew Production Producer 86.00

Nick Simon
Crew Directing Director 92.30

Ashley O'Neil
Crew Writing Screenplay 85.30

Anninka Velie
Crew Costume & Make-Up Costume Design 86.10

Megan Sunzeri
Crew Art Art Direction 84.80

Kevin Duggin
Crew Camera Director of Photography 85.40

Carl Palmer
Cast Actor Alligator Handler 454545.40909091

Danny Woodburn
Cast Actor Arni 833333.25

Eric Etebari
Cast Actor Alligator Dundee 1249999.875

Joaquin Garay, III
Cast Small Colombian Man 666666.6

Jon Mack
Cast Actress Reporter #2 416666.625

Josh Sussman
Cast Actor Director 999999.9

June Carryl
Cast Actress Elizabeth 769230.69230769

Marion Ramsey
Cast Actress Teddie 1111111

Martin Kove
Cast Actor Colonel Jester 1428571.2857143

Michael Winslow
Cast Actor Marty 9999999

R.J. Walker
Cast Actor TJ 1999999.8

Raymond Forchion
Cast Actor Hal 526315.73684211

Robert Craighead
Cast Actor Lester 714285.64285714

Steve Guttenberg
Cast Actor Colton West 9999999

Tahnee Welch
Cast Actress Herself 476190.42857143

Delpaneaux Wills
Cast Actor O'Leary 588235.23529412

Erron Jay
Cast Actor Brick 1666666.5

Noah Hunt
Cast Wyatt West 909090.81818182

Alex Frew
Cast S.W.A.T. 344827.55172414

Clark Moore
Cast Actor MP#1 333333.3

Jimmy Bellinger
Cast Actor Kyle 3333333

Lorynn York
Cast Actress Daniella 2499999.75

Michele Weaver
Cast Actress Raya West 4999999.5

Rene Michelle Aranda
Cast Actress S.W.A.T. 370370.33333333

T.C. De Witt
Cast S.W.A.T. 357142.82142857

Marcus Brown
Cast Will 555555.5

Frank Buckley
Cast Reporter #1 434782.56521739

Lola Wayne Villa
Cast Actress Small Blonde 499999.95

Don Taylor Atkinson
Cast Officer Flynt 384615.34615385

Kenny Ray Powell
Cast Officer Sheldon 399999.96
Person Type Job Role(s) Episodes
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