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Tis the Season to Be Smurfy (1987)

Full Cast & Crew

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Person Type Job Role(s) Episodes

Dennis Bonnell
Crew Visual Effects Visual Effects Supervisor 96.00

Don Jurwich
Crew Production Producer 27.30

Glenn Leopold
Crew Writing Writer 94.50

Hoyt Curtin
Crew Sound Original Music Composer 84.20

Joseph Barbera
Crew Production Executive Producer 96.90

Crew Writing Story 94.80

Ray Patterson
Crew Directing Director 92.80

William Hanna
Crew Production Executive Producer 96.00

Freddy Monnickendam
Crew Production Executive Producer 59.50

Alan Oppenheimer
Cast Actor Vanity Smurf / Doctor (voice) 714285.64285714

Charlie Adler
Cast Actor Natural 'Nat' Smurfling / Thief (voice) 9999999

Danny Goldman
Cast Actor Brainy Smurf (voice) 1111111

Don Messick
Cast Actor Papa Smurf / Chitter (voice) 909090.81818182

Frank Welker
Cast Actor Hefty Smurf / Poet Smurf / Wild Smurf / Puppy / Rat (voice) 555555.5

Hamilton Camp
Cast Actor Greedy Smurf (voice) 3333333

Jeff Doucette
Cast Actor Sheriff (voice) 1999999.8

Jonathan Winters
Cast Actor Grandpa Smurf (voice) 526315.73684211

June Foray
Cast Actress Jokey Smurf (voice) 1428571.2857143

Justin Gocke
Cast Actor Hans (voice) 1249999.875

Les Tremayne
Cast Actor Gustav (voice) 624999.9375

Lucille Bliss
Cast Smurfette (voice) 9999999

Pat Musick
Cast Actress Snappy Smurfling / Anna (voice) 833333.25

William Callaway
Cast Actor Clumsy Smurf / Rich Man (voice) 4999999.5

William Schallert
Cast Actor Willem (voice) 666666.6
Person Type Job Role(s) Episodes
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