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1h 51m
Comedy, Drama, Music
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Inspired by her mom's rebellious past and a confident new friend, a shy 16-year-old publishes an anonymous zine calling out sexism at her school.
Moxie Poster


1h 51m
Comedy, Drama, Music
Inspired by her mom's rebellious past and a confident new friend, a shy 16-year-old publishes an anonymous zine calling out sexism at her school.
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Directed By: Amy Poehler

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Lee Brown Barrow Furness says...
3 days ago
"A movie for our times with a call for tolerance and equality for all. The fact that its also pretty funny ensures its not as heavy as it might have been. A good film and one that will resonate with many of us - including the high school jocks who really should know better!"
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JakeyWest says...
3 days ago
"Moxie is an absorbing drama, a relevant kind of comedy that we needed to hear. None of the characters feel memorable though. But for such a heavy topic, it is balanced with a good dose of humour. The soundtrack was spot on."
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achaela says...
2 days ago
Comment contains spoilers
"I kind of expected it to be so, but it's pretty heavy-footed. It tries to be exhaustive and cover a whole lot of social issues, with a lot of secondary characters, but of course, it doesn't have the time to go deep into every topic. As a result, it can sometimes feel preachy and overall a bit shallow, and the relationships between the characters are rushed. [spoiler] Like when Lucy kisses another Moxie girl, or when Vivian cries about her father - pretty important moments that are literally never mentioned afterwards! [/spoiler] However I feel like if I had seen that when I was in highschool, it would have been a great call to action. The sorority and female friendships are pretty heartwarming to watch and the soundtrack is great!"
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r96sk says...
3 days ago
"It undoubtedly has its heart in the right place, but 'Moxie' is heavy-footed and cringeworthy in most areas. I don't think anyone can disagree with what the film is attempting to shed light on, it gets kudos for what it is trying to say. However, judging it for what it is - a film - it's not good. The dialogue and the way characters act is cringey and done in a way that is so forced. It tells us what we already know, then that's it. None of the characters stood out to me. Of course Vivian (Hadley Robinson) and Lucy (Alycia Pascual-Peña) are the two main stars of the story. The former irritates more than anything, while the latter is poorly written - e.g. for the first 15 minutes or so she's pretty unlikeable, before belatedly and out of nowhere becoming pleasant; in and around Vivian & Co. I mean, not Mitchell (Patrick Schwarzenegger) obviously. A shorter run time as well as a bit more depth and creativity with the characters/plot would've went a long way. It's nothing absolutely terrible, granted. Lastly, cool to see 'The Walking Dead' alum Sydney Park (Kiera) involved."
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