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10,000 Black Men Named George (2002)

Full Cast & Crew

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Person Type Job Role(s) Episodes

Cyrus Nowrasteh
Crew Writing Writer 86.30

Robert Townsend
Crew Directing Director 96.40

Amanda Brugel
Cast Actress Waitress 1666666.5

Andre Braugher
Cast Actor A. Philip Randolph 9999999

Brock Peters
Cast Actor Leon Frey 3333333

Carla Brothers
Cast Actress Lucille Randolph 999999.9

Charles S. Dutton
Cast Actor Milton Webster 9999999

Christopher Bondy
Cast Actor William Green 769230.69230769

Ellen Holly
Cast Actress Selena Frey 2499999.75

James McGowan
Cast Actor Desmond 1111111

Kedar Brown
Cast Actor James Randolph 1249999.875

Kenneth McGregor
Cast Actor Barton Davis 1428571.2857143

Mario Van Peebles
Cast Actor Ashley Totten 4999999.5

Neville Edwards
Cast Actor E.J. Daniels 714285.64285714

Ordena Stephens
Cast Sandi Totten 833333.25

Sandi Ross
Cast Actress Mrs. Walker 555555.5

Ardon Bess
Cast Actor Daddy Moore 1999999.8

Yvette McKoy
Cast Disgruntled Man's Wife 624999.9375

Collette Micks
Cast Mrs. Robbins 666666.6

Ernestine Jackson
Cast Mrs. Randolph 909090.81818182

Karen Eyo
Cast Elegant Woman 588235.23529412
Person Type Job Role(s) Episodes
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