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Fairfield Road (2010)

Full Cast & Crew

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Person Type Job Role(s) Episodes

David Till
Crew Production Producer 77.60

David Weaver
Crew Directing Director 89.00

Ian Thomas
Crew Sound Music 79.70

Tracy Rosen
Crew Writing Writer 75.70

Art Hindle
Cast Actor Senator William Hayden 769230.69230769

Boyd Banks
Cast Actor Doug 1111111

Chick Reid
Cast Actress Lillian Peabody 2499999.75

Derek McGrath
Cast Actor Sam Peabody 3333333

Jesse Metcalfe
Cast Actor Noah McManus 9999999

Maria Ricossa
Cast Actress Mayor Grant 1249999.875

Matthew Edison
Cast Actor Elliot Larkin 1428571.2857143

Natalie Brown
Cast Actress Wendy Greenhill 1666666.5

Richard Leacock
Cast Actor Mitchell Connelly 714285.64285714

Rob de Leeuw
Cast Actor Jesse 999999.9

Wayne Robson
Cast Actor Pete Kittredge 909090.81818182

Brandon Firla
Cast Actor Randall Henderson 1999999.8

Meg Walter
Cast Actress Mrs. Potiker 833333.25

Natalie Lisinska
Cast Actress Hailey Caldwell 4999999.5
Person Type Job Role(s) Episodes
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