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Falling for Vermont (2017)

Full Cast & Crew

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Person Type Job Role(s) Episodes

David Winning
Crew Directing Director 90.50

Michael G. Larkin
Crew Writing Story 79.00

Jay Baxter
Crew Writing Screenplay, Story 69.90

Shaun Zaken
Crew Writing Screenplay, Story 69.90

David Winning
Cast Actor Movie Trailer Guy / Fall Fair Announcer (uncredited / voice) 312499.96875

Doron Bell
Cast Actor Sheriff Kevin Gaines 833333.25

Jason Stevens
Cast Actor Driver 714285.64285714

Jenn Griffin
Cast Actress Jane Callan 909090.81818182

Mark Brandon
Cast Actor Bob Callan 769230.69230769

Raugi Yu
Cast Actor Boston Book Expo Host 434782.56521739

Rich Hopkins
Cast Actor Band Vocalist 416666.625

Barbara Kottmeier
Cast Actress Cynthia Young 2499999.75

Benjamin Ayres
Cast Actor Dr. Jeff Callan 4999999.5

Fiona Forbes
Cast Actress Beantown Today Host 588235.23529412

Julie Gonzalo
Cast Actress Angela Young / Elizabeth 9999999

Peter Benson
Cast Actor Brad Thompson 3333333

Erin Borgfjord
Cast Child's Mother 476190.42857143

Arpad Balogh
Cast Boston Police Detective 526315.73684211

Christian Michael Cooper
Cast Actor Alex Callan 1666666.5

Larissa Albuquerque
Cast Actress Wendy 1249999.875

Anthony Bolognese
Cast Young Child 454545.40909091

Ava Grace Cooper
Cast Actress Little Girl 1428571.2857143

Dean Petriw
Cast Austin 999999.9

Vaughan Winmill
Cast Christmas Vendor (uncredited) 322580.61290323

Michael Denis
Cast Businessman 555555.5

Peter Anderson
Cast Jimmy (uncredited) 344827.55172414

James Drew Dean
Cast Actor Spencer 303030.27272727

Lauren McNamara
Cast Actress Emily Callan 1999999.8

Cate Sproule
Cast Actress Athena 1111111

Kristin York
Cast Actress Stage Manager 499999.95

Steve Whitford
Cast Band Member 370370.33333333

Coral Humphrey
Cast Sabrina 666666.6

Philip Anddington
Cast Band Member 399999.96

Steven Sivertz
Cast Band Member 384615.34615385

Richard Katynski
Cast Band Member 357142.82142857

John Perrotta
Cast Security Guard (uncredited) 333333.3
Person Type Job Role(s) Episodes
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