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The Diplomat (2009)

Full Cast & Crew

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Person Type Job Role(s) Episodes

Greg Haddrick
Crew Writing Writer 89.30

Peter Andrikidis
Crew Directing Director 89.20

Ronan Glennane
Crew Writing Writer 71.60

Nell Greenwood
Crew Writing Writer 71.60

Alex Menglet
Cast Dimitri 999999.9

Anita Hegh
Cast Annabelle 72.90

Chris Haywood
Cast Actor Browning 94.70

Claire Forlani
Cast Actress Pippa Porter 2499999.75

Don Hany
Cast Sergei Krousov 1999999.8

Doris Younane
Cast Actress Jenny Basheer 77.00

Dougray Scott
Cast Actor Ian Porter 9999999

Jeremy Lindsay Taylor
Cast Actor Mark Wilson 4999999.5

Jonny Pasvolsky
Cast Actor Antonio Morelli 1666666.5

Rachael Blake
Cast Actress Detective Chief Inspector Julie Hales 9999999

Richard Roxburgh
Cast Actor Charles Van Koors 769230.69230769

Shane Briant
Cast Actor Winston Beale 909090.81818182

Stephen Curry
Cast Actor Detective Sergeant Neil Trent 1111111

Tony Martin
Cast Actor Bill Murray 1428571.2857143

Kate Box
Cast Actress Rona Hennessy 87.20

Socratis Otto
Cast Actor Shannon Cross 1249999.875

Costa Ronin
Cast Actor Vladimir 833333.25

Christian Antidormi
Cast Actor Street Kid 714285.64285714

Rachel Blake
Cast Julie Hales 64.10
Person Type Job Role(s) Episodes
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