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Family Sins (2004)

Full Cast & Crew

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Person Type Job Role(s) Episodes

Donald Martin
Crew Writing Writer 81.30

Graeme Clifford
Crew Directing Director 96.10

Brian Martell
Cast Store Manager #1 526315.73684211

Genevieve Buechner
Cast Actress Young Marie 769230.69230769

Kathleen Wilhoite
Cast Actress Nadine Devereaux 4999999.5

Kevin McNulty
Cast Actor Kenneth Geck 2499999.75

Kirstie Alley
Cast Actress Benda Geck 9999999

Kyla Wise
Cast Actress Susan Carter 714285.64285714

Lori Ravensborg
Cast Journalist 624999.9375

Mary Black
Cast Actress Judge 555555.5

Maureen Jones
Cast Actress DCYF Social Worker 588235.23529412

Peter Strand Rumpel
Cast Actor Store Manager #2 499999.95

Steve Braun
Cast Actor Jimmy Geck 1428571.2857143

Tygh Runyan
Cast Actor Gary Crandall 1249999.875

Valerie Planche
Cast Actress 1111111

Viv Leacock
Cast Actor Leroy Hobbs 833333.25

Will Patton
Cast Actor Philip Rothman 3333333

Crystal Balint
Cast Actress Woman at Yard Sale 666666.6

David Richmond-Peck
Cast Actor Joey Geck 1999999.8

Erin Karpluk
Cast Actress Carol Geck 1666666.5

Brandon Baylis
Cast Jeremy Devereau 999999.9

Deanna Milligan
Cast Actress Marie Devereaux 9999999

Patrick Gilmore
Cast Scott Mathers 909090.81818182
Person Type Job Role(s) Episodes
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