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Fantasies (1982)

Full Cast & Crew

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Person Type Job Role(s) Episodes

David Levinson
Crew Writing Writer, Producer 85.40

James Di Pasquale
Crew Sound Original Music Composer 85.20

Leonard Goldberg
Crew Production Executive Producer 94.40

Paul Sylos
Crew Art Art Direction 83.10

Richard L. Rawlings
Crew Camera Director of Photography 80.60

Serge Krizman
Crew Art Art Direction 88.30

Jack Harnish
Crew Editing Editor 26.00

William Wiard
Crew Directing Director 90.10

Allyn Ann McLerie
Cast Actress Shirley 1666666.5

Barry Corbin
Cast Actor Naylor 1111111

Barry Newman
Cast Actor Detective Flynn 4999999.5

Ben Marley
Cast Actor Arthur 1249999.875

Bob Basso
Cast Locksmith 454545.40909091

Edith Fields
Cast Actress Mildred 322580.61290323

Hap Lawrence
Cast Actor 476190.42857143

J.P. Bumstead
Cast 624999.9375

Jack Garner
Cast Actor 344827.55172414

John Gabriel
Cast Actor Mallory 833333.25

John Gowans
Cast Actor Moderator 384615.34615385

John Sanderford
Cast Actor 526315.73684211

Karen Austin
Cast Actress Allsion 434782.56521739

Laurence Lau
Cast Actor Delivery Boy 399999.96

Lenora May
Cast Actress Sandy 1999999.8

Madlyn Rhue
Cast Actress Rebecca 1428571.2857143

Patrick O'Neal
Cast Actor John Webber 2499999.75

Robert S. Woods
Cast Clint 666666.6

Robert Vaughn
Cast Actor Girard 3333333

Robin Mattson
Cast Actress April 769230.69230769

Ruth Cox
Cast Actress First Student 370370.33333333

Sal Viscuso
Cast Actor 416666.625

Selma Archerd
Cast Actress 312499.96875

Stuart Damon
Cast Actor Hanson 714285.64285714

Susan Brecht
Cast 333333.3

Suzanne Pleshette
Cast Actress Carla Webber 9999999

Terry Alexander
Cast Actor 555555.5

Peter Bergman
Cast Actor Larry 909090.81818182

Larry "Flash" Jenkins
Cast Actor Second Student 357142.82142857

J. Víctor López
Cast 303030.27272727

Carol Smith
Cast 588235.23529412

Aarika Wells
Cast Marsha 999999.9

Stacey Kuhne-Adams
Cast Lolita 499999.95
Person Type Job Role(s) Episodes
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