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Far from Home (2014)

Full Cast & Crew

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Person Type Job Role(s) Episodes

Bryar Freed
Crew Writing Writer 83.10

Michael Scott
Crew Directing Director 81.60

Aleks Paunovic
Cast Actor Dale Cottonwood 9999999

Barry Watson
Cast Actor Nicholas Boyd 9999999

Christina Jastrzembska
Cast Actress Irene 1666666.5

David Allan Pearson
Cast Actor Ed 666666.6

Keith Martin Gordey
Cast Actor Leo 714285.64285714

Lorne Cardinal
Cast Actor Roger Calhoun 1999999.8

Patricia Harras
Cast Actress Faith 833333.25

Paul McGillion
Cast Actor Graham Westlake 2499999.75

Stefanie von Pfetten
Cast Actress Libby Wainscott 4999999.5

Tom McBeath
Cast Actor Deputy Taylor 1249999.875

Venus Terzo
Cast Actress Rebecca 999999.9

Matty Finochio
Cast Actor Stan 1111111

Eli Goree
Cast Actor Rudy 3333333

Trevor Lerner
Cast Actor Ray Schugren 909090.81818182

Wesley MacInnes
Cast Actor Writing Class Student 1428571.2857143

Barbara Pollard
Cast Actress Velma 769230.69230769
Person Type Job Role(s) Episodes
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