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11th Victim (1979)

Full Cast & Crew

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Person Type Job Role(s) Episodes

Chuck Arnold
Crew Camera Director of Photography 81.70

James D. Young
Crew Sound Music Editor 95.10

James William Newport
Crew Art Art Direction 94.50

Jonathan Haze
Crew Production Associate Producer 93.20

Jonathan Kaplan
Crew Directing Director 98.80

Ken Friedman
Crew Writing Writer 97.30

Marty Katz
Crew Production Producer 93.70

Michel Colombier
Crew Sound Music 96.20

O. Nicholas Brown
Crew Editing Editor 98.50

Ramsay King
Crew Production Casting 83.00

Michael Friedman
Crew Production Associate Producer 92.40

Alfred Dennis
Cast Actor Ed Little 833333.25

Annazette Chase
Cast Actress Cathy 1666666.5

Bess Armstrong
Cast Actress Jill Kelso 9999999

David Hayward
Cast Actor Red Brody 1999999.8

Dick Miller
Cast Actor Investigator Ned 1249999.875

Eric Burdon
Cast Actress Spider 2499999.75

Harold Gould
Cast Actor Benny Benito 4999999.5

Harry Northup
Cast Actor Officer Thorpe 909090.81818182

John Hancock
Cast Actor Captain Long 1428571.2857143

Kasi Lemmons
Cast Actress Hostage 714285.64285714

Marilyn Jones
Cast Actress Cindy Lee 1111111

Max Gail
Cast Actor Andrew Spencer 9999999

Michael Cavanaugh
Cast Actor Steve 999999.9

Pamela Ludwig
Cast Actress Sally Taylor 3333333

Tara Strohmeier
Cast Janie 769230.69230769
Person Type Job Role(s) Episodes
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