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12 Men of Christmas (2009)

Full Cast & Crew

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Person Type Job Role(s) Episodes

Arlene Sanford
Crew Directing Director 100.00

David Lawrence
Crew Sound Music 98.40

Jon Maas
Crew Writing Teleplay, Executive Producer 82.30

Lisa Demberg
Crew Production Executive Producer 91.80

Shana Fischer Huber
Crew Production Associate Producer 86.00

Wendy Hill-Tout
Crew Production Co-Producer 79.40

Phillipa Ashley
Crew Writing Novel 75.80

Greg Copeland
Crew Production Producer 97.50

Anna Chlumsky
Cast Actress Jan Lucas 4999999.5

Craig Eldridge
Cast Actor Mayor Bob Baker 1428571.2857143

Frank Chiesurin
Cast Actor Scott Lewis 909090.81818182

Jefferson Brown
Cast Actor Eric 1666666.5

Joe Norman Shaw
Cast Actor Eddie 769230.69230769

Josh Hopkins
Cast Actor Will Albrecht 9999999

Kristin Chenoweth
Cast Actress E.J. Baxter 9999999

Aaron Abrams
Cast Actor Les Pizula 999999.9

Chantal Perron
Cast Actress Marci Hempel 1249999.875

Erin Dilly
Cast Actress Roz Baxter 3333333

Paul Constable
Cast Actor Dave Hempel 1111111

Stephen Huszar
Cast Actor Jason Farrar 2499999.75

Jessie Pavelka
Cast Henry 714285.64285714

Heather Hanson
Cast Actress Lillah Sherwood 1999999.8
Person Type Job Role(s) Episodes
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