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1939: Hollywood's Greatest Year (2009)

Full Cast & Crew

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Person Type Job Role(s) Episodes

Constantine Nasr
Crew Directing Director, Writer 74.70

Gary Leva
Crew Writing Writer 69.20

Ann Rutherford
Cast Actress 384615.34615385

Aubrey Solomon
Cast Actor 769230.69230769

Bette Davis
Cast Actress Herself 1249999.875

Bob Hope
Cast Actor 256410.23076923

Cary Grant
Cast Actor 263157.86842105

Charles Boyer
Cast Actor 344827.55172414

Charles Laughton
Cast Actor 249999.975

Claire Trevor
Cast Actress 416666.625

Clark Gable
Cast Actor Himself 4999999.5

Daniel Selznick
Cast 399999.96

Darryl F. Zanuck
Cast Actor 178571.41071429

David O. Selznick
Cast Actor 204081.6122449

Douglas Fairbanks Jr.
Cast Actor 454545.40909091

Edward G. Robinson
Cast Actor 222222.2

Errol Flynn
Cast Actor Himself 1428571.2857143

F. X. Feeney
Cast Actor 999999.9

Francis Lederer
Cast Actor 588235.23529412

Frank Capra
Cast Actor 499999.95

Franklin D. Roosevelt
Cast Actor 208333.3125

Fred Astaire
Cast Actor 370370.33333333

George Cukor
Cast Actor 666666.6

George Stevens
Cast Actor 199999.98

Ginger Rogers
Cast Actress 217391.2826087

Greer Garson
Cast Actress 270270.24324324

Greta Garbo
Cast Actress 277777.75

Hattie McDaniel
Cast Actress 232558.11627907

Howard Hawks
Cast Actor 476190.42857143

Humphrey Bogart
Cast Actor Himself 357142.82142857

Irene Dunne
Cast Actress 294117.61764706

Jack L. Warner
Cast Actor 185185.16666667

James Cagney
Cast Actor 333333.3

James Stewart
Cast Actor 196078.41176471

Jeanine Basinger
Cast Actress 833333.25

Joan Crawford
Cast Actress 322580.61290323

John Ford
Cast Actor 285714.25714286

John Wayne
Cast Actor 181818.16363636

Judy Garland
Cast Actress Herself 1999999.8

Kenneth Branagh
Cast Actor Narrator (voice) 9999999

Lana Turner
Cast Actress 188679.22641509

Leonard Maltin
Cast Actor Himself 1666666.5

Louis B. Mayer
Cast Actor 238095.21428571

Maureen O'Hara
Cast Actress 434782.56521739

Mickey Rooney
Cast Actor 212765.93617021

Myrna Loy
Cast Actress 243902.41463415

Olivia de Havilland
Cast Actress Herself 2499999.75

Robert Donat
Cast Actor 303030.27272727

Rudy Behlmer
Cast Actor 624999.9375

Spencer Tracy
Cast Actor 192307.67307692

Thomas Mitchell
Cast Actor 227272.70454545

Vivien Leigh
Cast Actress Herself 3333333

Walt Disney
Cast Actor 312499.96875

Scott Eyman
Cast 909090.81818182

Thomas Schatz
Cast 1111111

Joseph McBride
Cast Actor 526315.73684211

A.C. Lyles
Cast Actor Himself 175438.57894737

Molly Haskell
Cast Actress 714285.64285714
Person Type Job Role(s) Episodes
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