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M*A*S*H: 30th Anniversary Reunion (2002)

Full Cast & Crew

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Person Type Job Role(s) Episodes

Christine Triano
Crew Writing Writer 78.90

Alan Alda
Cast Actor Himself 9999999

Allan Arbus
Cast Actor Himself 624999.9375

Burt Metcalfe
Cast Himself 714285.64285714

Charles S. Dubin
Cast Himself 666666.6

David Ogden Stiers
Cast Actor Himself 1249999.875

Gary Burghoff
Cast Himself 1666666.5

Gene Reynolds
Cast Actor Himself 833333.25

Harry Morgan
Cast Actor Himself 4999999.5

Jamie Farr
Cast Actor Himself 999999.9

Larry Gelbart
Cast Actor Himself 769230.69230769

Larry Linville
Cast Actor Archive footage 3333333

Loretta Swit
Cast Actress Herself 2499999.75

McLean Stevenson
Cast Actor Archive footage 909090.81818182

Mike Farrell
Cast Actor Himself/Host 1428571.2857143

Wayne Rogers
Cast Actor Himself 1999999.8

William Christopher
Cast Actor Himself 1111111
Person Type Job Role(s) Episodes
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