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Limited Series
14h 30m
1 Season
11 Episodes
Amerika – suggesting a Russified name for the United States – is an American television miniseries that was broadcast in 1987 on ABC. The miniseries inspired a novelization entitled Amerika: The Triumph of the American Spirit. Amerika starred Kris Kristofferson, Mariel Hemingway, Sam Neill, Robert Urich, and a 17-year-old Lara Flynn Boyle in her first major role. Amerika was about life in the United States after a bloodless takeover engineered by the Soviet Union. Not wanting to depict the actual takeover, ABC Entertainment president Brandon Stoddard set the miniseries ten years after the event, focusing on the demoralized American people a decade after the Soviet conquest. The intent, he later explained, was to explore the American spirit under such conditions, not to portray the conflict of the Soviet coup. Described in promotional materials as "the most ambitious American miniseries ever created," Amerika aired for 14½ hours over seven nights, and reportedly cost US$40 million to produce. The miniseries was filmed in Toronto, London, Ontario, and Hamilton, Ontario, as well as various locations in Nebraska – most notably the small town of Tecumseh, which served as "Milford," the fictional setting for most of the series. Donald Wrye was the executive producer, director, and writer of Amerika, while composer Basil Poledouris scored the miniseries, ultimately recording eight hours of music – the equivalent of four feature films.
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Latest Episodes

Season 1 Episode 13
Amerika Episode: Episode 13
February 27th 1987
Season 1 Episode 12
Amerika Episode: Episode 12
February 26th 1987
Season 1 Episode 11
Amerika Episode: Episode 11
February 25th 1987
Season 1 Episode 10
Amerika Episode: Episode 10
February 24th 1987
Season 1 Episode 7
Amerika Episode: Episode 7
February 21st 1987
Season 1 Episode 6
Amerika Episode: Episode 6
February 20th 1987
Season 1 Episode 5
Amerika Episode: Episode 5
February 19th 1987
Season 1 Episode 4
Amerika Episode: Episode 4
February 18th 1987
Season 1 Episode 3
Amerika Episode: Shadows of Fear
February 17th 1987
Season 1 Episode 2
Amerika Episode: The Face of Occupation
February 16th 1987


Lara Flynn Boyle
Jacqueline 'Jessie' Bradford
Kris Kristofferson
Devin Milford
Robert Urich
Peter Bradford
Sam Neill
Colonel Andrei Denisov
Wendy Hughes
Marion Andrews
Cindy Pickett
Amanda Bradford
Armin MuellerStahl
General Petya Samanov
Richard Bradford
Ward Milford
Ivan Dixon
Dr. Alan Drummond
Ford Rainey
Will Milford
Graham Beckel
Clayton Cullen
Reiner Schne
Major Helmut Gurtman
Christine Lahti
Alethea Milford
Dorian Harewood
Jeffrey Wyman
Marcel Hillaire
Dieter Heinlander
Mariel Hemingway
Kimberly Ballard
Steve Drury
Deanna Dunagan
Betty Milford

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