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Arne Dahl Misterioso Poster

Arne Dahl: Misterioso

Limited Series
3h 0m
Arne Dahl - Misterioso A failed robbery attempt at Sydbanken outside Avesta leaves one robber lying dead with a dart through his eye, but there are no witnesses to the incident and no perpetrator is ever identified. In Stockholm, three high-profile businessmen are assassinated in a short period of time, and Jenny Hultin of National CID is assigned the task of putting together a special team to solve the case before the assassin strikes again.
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Shanti Roney
Paul Hjelm
Irene Lindh
Jenny Hultin
Niklas kerfelt
Arto Söderstedt
Claes Ljungmark
Viggo Norlander
Malin Arvidsson
Kerstin Holm
Magnus Samuelsson
Gunnar Nyberg
Juan Rodrguez
Frida Hallgren
Cilla Hjelm
Ebba Ribbing
Tova Hjelm
Csar Saratxu
Bisse Unger
Danne Hjelm
Nikolai Bentsler
Alexander Brjusov
Pontus Gustafsson
Jakob Lidner
Mait Malmsten
Jüri Mikojan
Kristjan Sarv
Nikolaj Mikojan
Sten Zupping
Arvo Hellat
Oskar Thunberg
Niklas Grundström
Lars Dejert
Ruben Winge
Bjrn Andersson
Rickard Franzén
Anders Beckman
Kuno Daggfelt
John Axel Eriksson
Roger Hackzell
Kim Jansson
Helena Brandberg
Directed By: Harald Hamrell

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