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School Counselor Poster

School Counselor

Limited Series
Fuji TV
1 Season
10 Episodes
Aizawa Hinata is a high school counselor who provides support to students with school and family problems. This is motivated by the warped relationship she had with her over-controlling mother which she could not discuss with anyone. One day, a male student who has not been attending school confesses that he likes her. However, he dies mysteriously the next day. Hinata takes action to determine the cause of his death and learns that the boy suffered insidious bullying at school and excessive meddling by his mother. He had a record of delinquency and kept rough company. Hinata is hounded by his mother who believes that she is responsible for her son's suicide, and is driven to the verge of breaking down.
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Latest Episodes

Season 1 Episode 10
School Counselor Episode: Episode 10
December 19th 2017
Season 1 Episode 9
School Counselor Episode: Episode 9
December 12th 2017
Season 1 Episode 8
School Counselor Episode: Episode 8
December 5th 2017
Season 1 Episode 7
School Counselor Episode: Episode 7
November 28th 2017
Season 1 Episode 6
School Counselor Episode: Episode 6
November 21st 2017
Season 1 Episode 5
School Counselor Episode: Episode 5
November 14th 2017
Season 1 Episode 4
School Counselor Episode: Episode 4
November 7th 2017
Season 1 Episode 3
School Counselor Episode: Episode 3
October 31st 2017
Season 1 Episode 2
School Counselor Episode: Episode 2
October 24th 2017
Season 1 Episode 1
School Counselor Episode: Episode 1
October 17th 2017


Asuka Kudo
Kazuhiko Honjo
Kenshin Endo
Keigo Yoshioka
Jin Shirasu
Yujiro Kitami
Yua Shinkawa
Nao Oomiya
Yui Sakuma
Kasumi Shirai
Yichi Haba
Hiroo Todoroki
Aisa Takeuchi
Emiri Yoshioka
Mao Inoue
Hinata Aizawa
Yukie Nakama
Makiko Yoshioka
Mitsuhiro Oikawa
Naoki Kirishima
Satomi Tezuka
Naoko Aizawa
Sho Aoyagi
Shuhei Kojima

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