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The French Atlantic Affair Poster

The French Atlantic Affair

Limited Series
1 Season
3 Episodes
Father Craig Dunleavy leads a band of terrorists who hijack a cruise ship in the French Atlantic and demand a $70 million ransom. Harold Columbine is our main hero, as the teleplay spends as much time focusing on the problems and love affairs of individual passengers as it does on the hijacking itself.
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Latest Episodes

Season 1 Episode 3
The French Atlantic Affair Episode: Episode 3
November 18th 1979
Season 1 Episode 2
The French Atlantic Affair Episode: Episode 2
November 16th 1979
Season 1 Episode 1
The French Atlantic Affair Episode: Episode 1
November 15th 1979


Telly Savalas
Craig Dunleavy
Chad Everett
Harold Columbine
Horst Buchholz
Dr. Chabot
JeanPierre Aumont
Inspektor Jean-Claude Raffin
Jos Ferrer
Präsident Aristide Brouchard
Louis Jourdan
Kapitän Charles Girodt
Michelle Phillips
Jennie Barber
Donald Pleasence
Max Dechambre
Stella Stevens
Louise Crawford
Shelley Winters
Helen Wabash
John Rubinstein
Herb Kleinfeld
Lance LeGault
Lester Foyles
William Lucking
Don Crawford
Nehemiah Persoff
Colonel Schreiner
Lee de Broux
Dana Hill
Maggie Joy
Bruce French
Army Archerd
Stanford Whitman
Curt Lowens
Wilhelm Greitzen
James Coco
Georges Sauvinage

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