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Holiday Love

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Season 1  
Episode 8
Azu freaks out when daughter Nanaka runs off at her graduation ceremony. They eventually find her, and all is well, but what was Rina doing there?
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Episode 7
A rumor spreads about Junpei's infidelity but is quashed by Rina's denial. While relieved, Junpei can't quite shake the feeling that something's off.
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Episode 6
While struggling to come to terms with Azu's own infidelity, multi-time cheater Junpei once again comes face to face with jealous ex-lover Rina.
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Episode 5
Azu and Junpei finally manage to smooth things over. But then, photos of Azu's night with Kuroi surface, taking the couple back to square one.
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Episode 4
Azu almost falls prey to the cool Kuroi but pulls herself together at the last minute. Left in the cold, Kuroi makes a mysterious phone call.
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Episode 3
Feeling sorry for their daughter, Azu lets Junpei come home, only to find out he was seeing his so-called ex-lover, Rina, again.
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Episode 2
Crushed by the news of her husband Junpei's betrayal, Azu refuses his apology and kicks him out. Frustrated at himself, Junpei laments what he ruined.
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Episode 1
It seemed that nothing could ruin Azu's picture-perfect family. That is until her husband had to move to the countryside for work.
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