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Brief Encounters

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Season 1  
All in the Mind
Episode 10 - 5-19-2006
Amy gets knocked over by a bike rider. After coming around in hospital, she begins hearing the thoughts of others and suspects her husband is having an affair.
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One Night in White Satin
Episode 9 - 5-18-2006
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Episode 8 - 5-17-2006
Ted is a northern comic who's seen better days. Working class, irascible, gregarious, he always has to be centre of attention. His ambitious, upwardly mobile and humourless son Daniel couldn't be more different, and relations are strained. On the day of his birthday, Ted turns up unannounced and uninvited to his son's dinner party, and sets in motion an explosive and surprising chain of events which force father and son to see their relationship in a whole new light.
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Small Things
Episode 7 - 5-16-2006
Simon and Natalie have just moved in together and things are going swimmingly. Until Natalie awakens one night to discover they've got a small visitor. When Simon chooses to catch 40 winks instead of a mouse, an argument begins. Soon the new guest is threatening to tear the happy household apart. But in this romantic comedy could there be something bigger at play? Small Things: it isn't about the mouse.
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Episode 6 - 5-15-2006
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Hot or Not
Episode 5 - 5-12-2006
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Lost and Found
Episode 4 - 5-11-2006
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Life's Like That
Episode 3 - 5-10-2006
When gentle spinster Edith Knight comes into some money, her avaricious relatives are round like a shot trying to get their hands on the loot. But Edith isn't quite as innocent as she appears.
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All in a Day's Work
Episode 2 - 5-09-2006
Steve is highly strung and heavily sarcastic. His chirpy colleague, Dorothy, has been trying to help him get over a girlfriend who left him six months ago but he's still miserable. When he loses his job, Steve's bitterness becomes unbearable. To make matters worse, Dorothy insists on taking Steve shopping to find a new love.
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Episode 1 - 5-08-2006
Julie is a single mother and a checkout girl with a flash but completely undedicated boyfriend. She's fast approaching her 30th birthday when she finds a tape of her 16-year-old self, dreaming up great plans for love and life. Julie feels like her life has somehow drifted away, so what will it take to put her back on track?
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