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Tiny Commando

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Season 1  
Clash of the Tinies Part 2
Episode 12 - 9-09-2013
Tiny and Cesar crash land in a hobby store. Will Tiny save America? Will Tiny save himself? Or will Cesar Pequeno give everyone the finger?!
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Clash of the Tinies Part 1
Episode 11 - 9-09-2013
After Cesar Pequino steals nuclear launch codes and begins his quest to destroy the world, Tiny suits up, hops in his own puny plane and launches into the action-packed season finale.
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The Grass Is Meaner Part 2
Episode 10 - 9-09-2013
When the lawnmower learns to fly, TC brings out his agile mini-chopper to stop this loco landscaping machine.
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The Grass Is Meaner Part 1
Episode 9 - 9-09-2013
A mad scientist enlists Tiny Commando and sidekick Mitzi to stop a living lawn mower he accidentally created from terrorizing the city.
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Red Rover Part 2
Episode 8 - 9-09-2013
While on a mission to the red planet, pint-sized superhero Tiny Commando chases down Martians who manage to destroy his buggy. Tiny is faced with a dilemma: Which red wire to cut on the Rover? Can he save Earth from certain destruction?
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Red Rover Part 1
Episode 7 - 9-09-2013
Tiny takes an out of town job … WAY out of town. After the Mars Rover is stolen by Martians, NASA hires to TC to recover the vehicle from the red planet.
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Furry Fury Part 2
Episode 6 - 9-09-2013
Tiny escapes capture and races the pig through the neighborhood and eventually discovers his dark secret.
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Furry Fury Part 1
Episode 5 - 9-09-2013
A family hires TC and Mitzi to track down their beloved guinea pig. Tiny quickly falls prey to the devious Guinea pig's traps and the hunter becomes the hunted.
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2 Tiny, 2 Furious Part 2
Episode 4 - 9-09-2013
When TC is discovered during a parking garage sting, he uses his racing skills to lead the thugs to the police.
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2 Tiny, 2 Furious Part 1
Episode 3 - 9-09-2013
Tiny infiltrates a gang of RC drift racers who are using their cars to smuggle drugs. It's just like the Fast and the Furious, only the cars are smaller and all the people are a lot less furious.
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Snack Attack Part 2
Episode 2 - 9-09-2013
After a captured TC escapes by hotwiring a Roomba, he chases down the evil brother and saves the hot cake company.
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Snack Attack Part 1
Episode 1 - 9-09-2013
Tiny bites off more than he can chew when a client hires him to investigate her snack cake company, where her brother/CEO is mixing it up with a foreign arms dealer.
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