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Ernest Livingston

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Season 1  
The Village
Episode 7 - 11-13-2018
Missionary Ernest Livingston finally makes it to the village and has some generous local people wash some of his clothes for him.
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The Hill
Episode 6 - 10-16-2018
Missionary Ernest Livingston is trying to take another shortcut this time over a "small" hill.
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The Study
Episode 5 - 10-02-2018
Missionary Ernest Livingston tries to study for this coming Sundays message, but the devil sends many hindrances.
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The River
Episode 4 - 9-18-2018
Missionary Ernest Livingston is now taking a shortcut through the river.
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Episode 3 - 9-04-2018
Missionary Ernest Livingston is now at visitation in Africa while being given some food that has a curious look.
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The Trail
Episode 2 - 8-20-2018
We see again Missionary Ernest Livingston on his way to the village this time through the forest.
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Flat Tire
Episode 1 - 8-06-2018
Missionary Ernest Livingston Begins to make his way to a village, but it's a bumpy ride.
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