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The Hot Zone (2019)

Full Cast & Crew

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Person Type Job Role(s) Episodes

Brian Peterson
Crew Production Executive Producer

David W. Zucker
Crew Production Executive Producer

James V. Hart
Crew Production Executive Producer, Creator

Jeff Vintar
Crew Production Co-Executive Producer, Creator, Teleplay, Story 6

Lena Cordina
Crew Production Producer

Lynda Obst
Crew Production Producer 6

Michael Uppendahl
Crew Directing Director, Executive Producer 3

Richard Preston
Crew Writing Book, Co-Executive Producer

Ridley Scott
Crew Production Executive Producer 6

Sean Callery
Crew Sound Original Music Composer 6

Jordan Sheehan
Crew Production Co-Executive Producer

Kelly Souders
Crew Production Executive Producer

Geoffrey Hemwall
Crew Production Co-Producer

Greig Buckle
Crew Production Line Producer

Carina Sposato
Crew Production Associate Producer 6

James D'Arcy
Cast Actor Trevor Rhodes 6

Julianna Margulies
Cast Actress Lt. Col. Nancy Jaax 6

Liam Cunningham
Cast Actor Wade Carter 6

Nick Searcy
Cast Actor Frank Mays 6

Noah Emmerich
Cast Actor Lt. Col. Jerry Jaax 6

Robert Sean Leonard
Cast Actor Walter Humbolt 6

Robert Wisdom
Cast Actor Vernon Tucker 6

Topher Grace
Cast Actor Peter Jahrling 6

Mark Kelly
Cast Actor Bruce Domanski

Paul James
Cast Actor Ben Gellis 6

Lenny Platt
Cast Actor Capt. Kyle Orman 6
Person Type Job Role(s) Episodes
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