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The Runner-Up

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Season 1  
I Approve This Message
Episode 4 - 4-28-2015
The series concludes with Clay agreeing to go negative in his campaign after a heated discussion with his staff, but the move backfires.
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Into the Belly of the Beast
Episode 3 - 4-21-2015
Clay gets to within striking distance of his Republican opponent, but his lack of finances forces him to venture into dangerous Tea Party territory. As Election Day looms, Clay creates a firestorm with his position on same-sex marriage.
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Go for the Jugular!
Episode 2 - 4-14-2015
Clay wins a razor-thin primary victory but faces new challenges in the general election. He argues with his team when they want him to run a negative campaign and, desperately short of cash, he holds fund-raisers with "American Idol" winners Ruben Studdard and Fantasia. Clay also prepares for a televised debate.
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Run Clay, Run!
Episode 1 - 4-07-2015
Aiken begins his run with hopes of being the South's first openly gay congressman but a shocking twist sends him into a tough general election against the incumbent Republican candidate.
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