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The Accursed Kings

Limited Series
3h 0m
1 Season
5 Episodes
It is the early 1300's and the treasury of France, under the rule of Philippe IV (Philippe le Bel or Philippe the Beautiful), is empty. The king decides the only solution is to raid the treasures of the Knights Templar (amongst others) and concocts various charges of treason, heresy and deviance against the Knights and their Grand Master Jacques de Molay. Having confessed under torture to the crimes of which he is accused, de Molay is condemned to be burned at the stake. With his dying breath he curses the king, the king's advisor (Guillaume de Nogaret), the pope (Pope Clement V) and the thirteen succeeding generations of their families. There follows one of the most dramatic periods in French history, half a century of political intrigue, murder, treason, war and famine, which ultimately culminates in the 100 Years War.
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Latest Episodes

Season 1 Episode 5
The Accursed Kings Episode: Episode 5
November 28th 2005
Season 1 Episode 4
The Accursed Kings Episode: Episode 4
November 21st 2005
Season 1 Episode 3
The Accursed Kings Episode: Episode 3
November 14th 2005
Season 1 Episode 2
The Accursed Kings Episode: Episode 2
November 8th 2005
Season 1 Episode 1
The Accursed Kings Episode: Episode 1
November 7th 2005


Jeanne Moreau
Mahaut d'Artois
Claude Rich
Le cardinal Deuze
Line Renaud
Marie de Hongrie
Serena Autieri
Clémence de Hongrie
Dan Bdru
Le Capitaine Bersumee
Patrick Bouchitey
Maître Evrard
Sophie Broustal
Le Divion
Hugues Dalmagro
Capitaine des gardes
Marie de Villepin
Queen Philippa
Hlne Duc
Madame de Bouville
Daniel Emilfork
Maître Martin
Andy Gillet
Hugh le Despenser
Frdric Laforet
Sire de Souastre
Toinette Laquire
Dame d'apparat Reine Isabelle
Christine Musset
Dame d'apparat Queen Isabelle
Philippe Nevo
Le chevaucheur
Romain Rondeau
Henri Tors Col
Christiane Rorato
Mère abbesse
Wadeck Stanczak
Connétable Gaucher
Vasilescu Valentin
Comte de Salisbury
Malik Zidi
Philippe VI de Valois
Aurlien Wiik
Edouard III
Created By: Maurice Druon
Directed By: Josée Dayan (5 Episodes)
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