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A Dance to the Music of Time (1997)

Full Cast & Crew

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Person Type Job Role(s) Episodes

Alvin Rakoff
Crew Production Producer, Director 4

Anthony Powell
Crew Writing Writer 4

Chris Roope
Crew Art Art Direction

Chris Seager
Crew Camera Director of Photography

Clive Derbyshire
Crew Sound Sound Recordist

Dany Everett
Crew Costume & Make-Up Costume Designer

Eileen Diss
Crew Art Production Design

Emma Mager
Crew Production Production Coordinator

Hugh Whitemore
Crew Production Executive Producer, Writer 4

Humphrey Bangham
Crew Art Art Direction

Ian Wilkinson
Crew Sound Sound Editor

Joyce Gallie
Crew Production Casting

Justin Krish
Crew Editing Editor

Lorraine Goodman
Crew Production Associate Producer

Mary Hillman
Crew Costume & Make-Up Makeup Designer

Peter Brayham
Crew Crew Stunt Coordinator

Sally Osoba
Crew Production Casting Coordinator 4

Sarah Garner
Crew Directing Script Supervisor

Wayne Brooks
Crew Sound Sound Editor

Sharon Long
Crew Costume & Make-Up Costume Supervisor

Simon Bishop
Crew Sound Sound Recordist

Barbara Kidd
Crew Costume & Make-Up Costume Designer

Ross Adams
Crew Sound Sound Effects Editor

Ray Freeborn
Crew Production Production Supervisor

Jake Bernard
Crew Editing Editor

Ardan Fisher
Crew Editing Editor

Mark Warman
Crew Sound Orchestrator

Geraldine Stephenson
Crew Crew Choreographer

Liz Pearson
Crew Crew Post Production Supervisor

Carl Davis
Crew Sound Music

Anthony Jackson
Crew Sound Sound Recordist

Adrian Scarborough
Cast Actor JG Quiggin 4

Alan Bennett
Cast Actor Sillery 4

Amanda Walker
Cast Actress Mrs. Conyers 4

Anastasia Hille
Cast Actress Matilda

Andrew Havill
Cast Actor Sunny Farebrother 4

Annabel Mullion
Cast Actress Mona 4

Barbara Durkin
Cast Betty

Carmen du Sautoy
Cast Actress Miss Weedon

Caroline Harker
Cast Actress Priscilla 4

Chris Lang
Cast Actor Chips Lovell

Claire Skinner
Cast Actress Jean 4

Colin Baker
Cast Actor Canon Fenneau 4

David MacCreedy
Cast Actor Bracey

David Yelland
Cast Actor Mr Jenkins

Edward Fox
Cast Actor Uncle Giles 4

Eileen Atkins
Cast Actress Brightman 4

Emily Mortimer
Cast Actress Polly Duport 4

Emma Fielding
Cast Actress Isobel

Frank Middlemass
Cast Actor Edgar Deacon 4

Geraldine Alexander
Cast Susan

Gillian Barge
Cast 4

Harriet Walter
Cast Actress Mildred 4

James Callis
Cast Actor Gwinnett 4

James D'Arcy
Cast Actor Nicholas Jenkins (student) 4

James Fleet
Cast Actor Moreland 4

James Purefoy
Cast Actor Nicholas Jenkins 4

James Villiers
Cast Actor Buster Foxe

Jamie Glover
Cast Actor Robert Tolland 4

Jeremy Child
Cast Actor Roddy Cutts 4

Joanna David
Cast Actress Isobel 4

John Gielgud
Cast Actor

John Standing
Cast Actor Nicholas Jenkins (older) 4

Jonathan Cake
Cast Actor Peter Templer 4

Julian Wadham
Cast Actor General Liddament 4

Kevin Colson
Cast Louis Glober

Lucy Fleming
Cast Actress Jean 4

Luke de Lacey
Cast Actor Stringham (student)

Mark Dexter
Cast Actor Tompsitt 4

Matthew Sim
Cast Actor Scorpio Murtlock

Michael Wade
Cast Dr Brandreth

Michael Williams
Cast Actor Ted Jeavons

Miranda Richardson
Cast Actress Pamela Flitton 4

Nicholas Jones
Cast Actor Bob Duport 4

Nicholas Rowe
Cast Actor David Pennistone 4

Nicola Walker
Cast Actress Gypsy Jones 4

Nigel Lindsay
Cast Actor Odo Stevens 4

Oliver Ford Davies
Cast Actor Le Bas 4

Patrick Godfrey
Cast Actor General Conyers 4

Paul Brooke
Cast Actor Maclintick 4

Paul Rhys
Cast Actor Charles Stringham 4

Richard Leaf
Cast Actor Barnabas Henderson 4

Richard Pasco
Cast Actor Sir Magnus Donners

Robert Pugh
Cast Actor Biggs 4

Robin Bailey
Cast Actor 4

Rohan McCullough
Cast Flavia Wisebite

Sarah Badel
Cast Actress 4

Sarah Crowden
Cast Actress Miss Orchard

Simon Russell Beale
Cast Actor Widmerpool 4

Tim Wylton
Cast Actor Albert

Tony Osoba
Cast Actor Colonel Flores 4

Zoë Wanamaker
Cast Actress audrey maclintick 4

Bryan Pringle
Cast Actor Smith 4

Osmund Bullock
Cast Actor Erridge

Rupert Wickham
Cast Actor Jimmy Stripling

Grant Thatcher
Cast Mark Members

Danny Worters
Cast Nicholas Jenkins (boy)

Nicola King
Cast Mrs Jenkins

Kate Cavanagh
Cast Billson 4

Amy Simcock
Cast Jean (student) 4

Bobby Webster
Cast Templer (student) 4
Person Type Job Role(s) Episodes
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