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A Família Ventura

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Season 1  
Episode 4
In the hospital's waiting room, Júlia, Soraia, Hélia, Laura and Jorge are waiting for news of Francisco's operation. On the villa, João has plans to try to bring his father back and Inês is keen to help him. At the hospital, the family receives news about Francisco's condition.
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Episode 3
The doctor pays a visit to Francisco, confirming that he is recovering well. Hélia, Pedro and David go to the garage to get Hélia's car, which is already ready. João and Inês see their grandfather for the first time since they arrived at the villa. Jorge and Laura try to make a video call with Anica. Laura and Júlia share a moment in the garden. Francisco's health aggravates.
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Episode 2
David arrives at the Ventura's villa, surprising Hélia. Pedro appears to bring news from Hélia's car and is invited by Juúlia to have lunch. After lunch, the family embarks on the quest for the perfect Christmas tree. Jorge and Laura receive news from Cape Verde informing them that the child they were in the process of adopting may be delivered to another family. Soraia continues to have to explain to her children about Luis's delay. When she sees her sister-in-law, Laura suggests that the three women take the evening out to have fun in the village's bar.
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Episode 1
The heavy winter announces the arrival of Christmas. But at family Ventura's villa, the Christmas mood is marked by the absence of children and grandchildren. However, when Francisco is taken to the hospital emergency, the whole family is forced to change their plans.
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