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A Fortunate Life (1986)

Full Cast & Crew

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Person Type Job Role(s) Episodes

Henri Safran
Crew Directing Director 4

Ken Kelso
Crew Writing Writer 4

A.B. Facey
Crew Writing Book 4

Marcus Cole
Crew Directing Director 4

Bill Hunter
Cast Actor Charlie Bibby 4

Bill Kerr
Cast Actor Narrator (voice) 4

Dominic Sweeney
Cast Bert 4

Dorothy Allison
Cast Grandma Carr 4

John Ley
Cast Eric Facey 4

Pat Bishop
Cast Alice McCall 4

Paul Sonkkila
Cast Actor Archie McCall 4

Ray Meagher
Cast Actor Bad Bob 4

Val Lehman
Cast Bert's Mother 4

Jeffrey Rhoe
Cast Jock McKay 4

Maurie Ogden
Cast Cop 4

Leslie Wright
Cast Jack Lander 4

Dale Randall
Cast Roy Facey 4

Anthony Richards
Cast Bert (9 Years) 4

Benedict Sweeney
Cast Bert (14 Years) 4

Raelene Hughes
Cast Young Alice McCall 4

Andrew Kovacevich
Cast Actor 1
Person Type Job Role(s) Episodes
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