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A Menina Sem Qualidades (2013)

Full Cast & Crew

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Person Type Job Role(s) Episodes

Renata Melo
Crew Writing Screenplay, Creator 12

Inti Briones
Crew Crew Cinematography 12

Felipe Hirsch
Crew Directing Director, Screenplay, Producer, Music Director, Creator 12

Helena Maura
Crew Editing Editor 12

Helena Bagnoli
Crew Production Producer 12

Adriana Tavares
Crew Production Executive Producer 12

Suzy Milstein
Crew Directing Assistant Director 12

Raquel Toledo
Crew Directing Assistant Director 12

Marco Oliveira
Crew Visual Effects Color Designer 12

Tomás Peake
Crew Crew Video Assist Operator 12

Wagner Moura
Cast Actor Alex's Father 12

Bianca Comparato
Cast Actress Ana 12

Javier Drolas
Cast Actor Tristan 12

Geraldo Rodrigues
Cast Actor Toni 12

Henrique Schafer
Cast Professor Henrique 12

Ivo Müller
Cast General 12

Rodrigo Pandolfo
Cast Actor Alex 12

Johnny Hooker
Cast Tom's Friend 12

Gabriela Poester
Cast Selma 12

José Sampaio
Cast Rodrigo 12

Rodrigo Pavon
Cast Olavo 12

Luna Martinelli
Cast Luna 12
Person Type Job Role(s) Episodes
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