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A Picture of Britain

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Season 1  
The Mystical West
Episode 6 - 7-10-2005
The Mystical West, an enormous area that stretches from Stonehenge in Wiltshire to the furthest tips of Cornwall and Wales, is David Dimbleby's destination for this episode of A Picture of Britain. In his quest to celebrate the British landscape that has inspired artists for the past 300 years, this week David Dimbleby encounters the work of Dylan Thomas, Constable, JMW Turner and many more.
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The Home Front
Episode 5 - 7-03-2005
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The Heart of England
Episode 4 - 6-26-2005
Starting in Manchester, David Dimbleby heads off to explore England's heartland, the Midlands, in this episode of A Picture of Britain. On his quest to celebrate the beauty and diversity of this area of Britain, and the artists it has inspired, David takes in the Peak District, Shropshire, the Black Country, Wolverhampton, the Cotswolds, the Malverns and plenty more on the way.
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The Highlands and Glens
Episode 3 - 6-19-2005
The breathtaking Highlands and Glens of Scotland, Northern Ireland and parts of the Republic of Ireland are David Dimbleby's destination for this episode of A Picture of Britain. From Scotland, David crosses the Irish Sea to visit Sligo, home of William Butler Yeats, and travels north to discover the inspirational Glens of Antrim. Back in Scotland, David visits Fingal's Cave, Iona and finally Alloway in Ayrshire, birthplace of Scotland's national poet Robbie Burns.
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The Flatlands
Episode 2 - 6-12-2005
David Dimbleby heads east to the area of England with the biggest skies of all. This part of Britain spawned more landscape painters per square mile than almost anywhere else in Britain. A Picture of Britain celebrates the British landscape which has inspired artists for the past three hundred years. David travels from Constable and Gainsborough country in Suffolk to the Norfolk Broads, the Fens and the East coast.
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The Romantic North
Episode 1 - 6-05-2005
The stunning scenery of the romantic North of England, birthplace of landscape art, has inspired some of Britain's most renowned painters and writers - from JMW Turner, Thomas Girtin and James Ward to Emily Bronte, Wordsworth and Coleridge. David Dimbleby travels to Lindisfarne, the Lake District, Northumberland and on to Yorkshire for this week's episode of A Picture of Britain.
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