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10.5 (2004)

Full Cast & Crew

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Person Type Job Role(s) Episodes

Christopher Canaan
Crew Writing Writer 2

Don Brochu
Crew Editing Editor 2

John Lafia
Crew Directing Director 2

Lee Holdridge
Crew Sound Sound 2

Michael N. Knue
Crew Editing Editor 2

Ronnie Christensen
Crew Writing Writer 2

Lisa Richardson
Crew Production Producer 2

John Lafia
Crew Creator Creator

Beau Bridges
Cast Actor Paul Hollister 2

Brian Markinson
Cast Actor Daniel 2

David Cubitt
Cast Actor Dr. Jordan Fisher 2

Dulé Hill
Cast Actor Dr. Owen Hunter 2

Fred Ward
Cast Actor Roy Nolan 2

Ivan Sergei
Cast Actor Dr. Zack Nolan 2

Jodelle Ferland
Cast Actress Little 'Wow!' Girl

John Cassini
Cast Actor Sean Morris 2

John Schneider
Cast Actor Clark Williams 2

Kaley Cuoco
Cast Actress Amanda Williams 2

Kim Delaney
Cast Actress Dr. Samantha Hill 2

Kim Hawthorne
Cast Actress Jill Hunter 2

Rebecca Jenkins
Cast Actress Carla Williams 2
Person Type Job Role(s) Episodes
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