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Absentia (2017)

Full Cast & Crew

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Person Type Job Role(s) Episodes

Kasia Adamik
Crew Directing Director 3

Matthew Cirulnick
Crew Creator Creator, Writer

Stana Katic
Crew Production Producer 20

Adam Sanderson
Crew Directing Director 3

Logan Slakter
Crew Writing Writer 2

Oded Ruskin
Crew Production Producer, Director 20

Nadav Hekselman
Crew Camera Director of Photography 20

Gaia Violo
Crew Creator Creator, Writer

Milla Bell-Hart
Crew Writing Writer 2

Andrew Brooke
Cast Actor Rex Wolfe 3

Bruno Bichir
Cast Actor Daniel Vega 10

Christopher Colquhoun
Cast Derek Crown 30

David Coburn
Cast Actor Jonathan Cooper 2

Francis Magee
Cast Actor Lester Nowicki 3

Geoff Bell
Cast Actor Colin Dawkins 8

Harry Anichkin
Cast Actor Lawyer 1

Hugh Quarshie
Cast Actor Semo Oduwale 10

Josette Simon
Cast Actress Rowena 1

Laurel Lefkow
Cast Actress Heather Mills 2

Lee Boardman
Cast Holt Thompson 3

Luke Carroll
Cast Miles Deleon 1

Mark Arnold
Cast Actor Foster Webb 6

Meglena Karalambova
Cast Actress Oksana Topal 1

Natasha Little
Cast Actress Julianne Gunnarsen 20

Patrick Brennan
Cast Actor Chauncey Mills 1

Paul Courtenay Hyu
Cast Erik Shen 2

Paul Freeman
Cast Actor Warren Byrne 30

Penny Downie
Cast Actress Valerie Chandris 3

Ralph Ineson
Cast Actor Adam Radford 10

Richard Brake
Cast Actor Conrad Harlow 6

Sonita Henry
Cast Actress Michelle Saban 3

Stana Katic
Cast Actress Emily Byrne 30

Tanya Moodie
Cast Actress Diane Campbell 6

Tom Knight
Cast Jeffries 1

Valentin Ganev
Cast Actor Father Demotses 1

Agni Scott
Cast Actress Polly Canto 7

Antony Tanev
Cast Actor EMT 2

Carsten Hayes
Cast Marcus 1

Chipo Chung
Cast Actress Agent Whitman 7

Dan Cade
Cast Actor Jenkins 4

Georgi Manchev
Cast Actor Georgi 1

Gregg Chillin
Cast Actor Mubin 2

Joshua James
Cast Actor Tyler Brandon Mills 6

Matthew Le Nevez
Cast Actor Cal Isaac 20

Mitchell Mullen
Cast Actor Gregory Nash 1

Neil Jackson
Cast Actor Jack Byrne 30

Patrick Heusinger
Cast Actor Nick Durand 30

Ross O'Hennessy
Cast Actor Armstrong 4

Samantha Coughlan
Cast Actress Maura Moran 2

Tadhg Murphy
Cast Actor Kristophe 3

Angel Bonanni
Cast Actor Tommy Gibbs 7

Ricky Champ
Cast Actor Charles Avallone 3

Oisín Stack
Cast Actor Elliot Brandstetter 4

Cara Theobold
Cast Actress Alice Durand 22

Nathan Wiley
Cast Actor Légiste Mckeller 1

Nick Cornwall
Cast Larry Novo 2

Luke Cousins
Cast State Trooper 1

Nathan Cooper
Cast Actor Kurian 1

Patrick McAuley
Cast Flynn Durand 28

Ruby Bentall
Cast Actress Molly 1

Teodora Duhovnikova
Cast Actress Nurse 6

Hanako Footman
Cast Actress Petra Bishop 1

Rona Morison
Cast Actress Thompson 6

François Coetzer
Cast Bodyguard 1

Jose Palma
Cast Actor Anton Jablonski 2

Max Kraus
Cast Police Officer 1
Person Type Job Role(s) Episodes
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