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Absentia (2017)

Full Cast & Crew

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Person Type Job Role(s) Episodes

Matthew Cirulnick
Crew Creator Creator

Stana Katic
Crew Production Producer 20

Oded Ruskin
Crew Production Producer 20

Nadav Hekselman
Crew Camera Director of Photography 20

Gaia Violo
Crew Creator Creator

Andrew Brooke
Cast Actor Rex Wolfe 3

Christopher Colquhoun
Cast Derek Crown

Francis Magee
Cast Actor Lester Nowicki 3

Geoff Bell
Cast Actor Colin Dawkins 8

Hugh Quarshie
Cast Actor Semo Oduwale 10

Laurel Lefkow
Cast Actress Heather Mills 2

Natasha Little
Cast Actress Julianne Gunnarsen 20

Paul Freeman
Cast Actor Warren Byrne 30

Penny Downie
Cast Actress Valerie Chandris 3

Ralph Ineson
Cast Actor Adam Radford 10

Richard Brake
Cast Actor Conrad Harlow 6

Sonita Henry
Cast Actress Michelle Saban 3

Stana Katic
Cast Actress Emily Byrne 30

Joshua James
Cast Actor Tyler Brandon Mills 6

Matthew Le Nevez
Cast Actor Cal Isaac 20

Mitchell Mullen
Cast Actor Gregory Nash 1

Neil Jackson
Cast Actor Jack Byrne 30

Patrick Heusinger
Cast Actor Nick Durand 30

Nathan Wiley
Cast Actor Légiste Mckeller 1

Patrick McAuley
Cast Flynn Durand
Person Type Job Role(s) Episodes
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