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Adolescence Medley

Adolescence Medley (2013)

Full Cast & Crew

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Person Type Job Role(s) Episodes
Kim Seongyoon
Kim Seong-yoon
Crew Directing Director 4
Baek KyungSook
Baek Kyung-Sook
Crew Production Producer 4
Kim Bo Yun
Kim Bo Yun
Crew Writing Screenplay, Creator 4
Yoon Joosang
Yoon Joo-sang
Cast Actor Yuk Ho's grandpa 4
Oh Younhong
Oh Youn-hong
Cast Actress Ah Young's mother 4
Jung Ingi
Jung In-gi
Cast Actor Jung Woo's father 4
Lee Seyoung
Lee Se-young
Cast Actress Yang Ah Young 4
Jung Suyoung
Jung Su-young
Cast Actress Homeroom Teacher 4
Park Jeongmin
Park Jeong-min
Cast Actor Shin Young Bok 4
Lee Jonghyun
Lee Jong-hyun
Cast Actor Yang Young Woong 2
Kwak Jungwook
Kwak Jung-wook
Cast Im Duk Won 4
Choi Taejoon
Choi Tae-joon
Cast Actor Lee Yuk Ho 4
Kwak Dongyeon
Kwak Dong-yeon
Cast Actor Choi Jung Woo 4
Kim Hwanhee
Kim Hwan-hee
Cast Actress Young Bok's little sister 1
Lee Sungyeol
Lee Sung-yeol
Cast Actor student council president 1
Yoon Park
Yoon Park
Cast Actor Lee Won Il 4
Baek Sunghyun
Baek Sung-hyun
Cast Actor adult Choi Jung Woo 4
Ko Suhee
Ko Su-hee
Cast Actress Jung Woo's mother 4
Bae Noori
Bae Noo-ri
Cast Actress Jang Hyun Jin 4
Kim Donghee
Kim Dong-hee
Cast Actor Park Sung Tae 4
Ahn JiHyun
Ahn Ji-Hyun
Cast Actress Moon Soo Jung 4
Person Type Job Role(s) Episodes
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