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Agent Aika Poster

Agent Aika

Limited Series
3h 30m
Animation, Action, Adventure, Science Fiction
1 Season
7 Episodes
A catastrophic earthquake has left Tokyo, and most of the Earth for that matter, under the sea. Aika is a salvager who retrieves various remains from the watery ruins. When Aika accepts the dangerous mission of locating and obtaining the mysterious Lagu, she discovers that she's not the only one after it.
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Latest Episodes

Season 1 Episode 7
Agent Aika Episode: Trial 7 Break the Decisive Battle Delmo Base
April 25th 1999
Season 1 Episode 6
Agent Aika Episode: Trial 6 Delmo Operation White Silver
December 18th 1998
Season 1 Episode 5
Agent Aika Episode: Trial 5 The Golden Delmo Operation
August 25th 1998
Season 1 Episode 4
Agent Aika Episode: Trial 4 A Flower Blooming in Space
January 25th 1998
Season 1 Episode 3
Agent Aika Episode: Trial 3 Takeoff Position
September 25th 1997
Season 1 Episode 2
Agent Aika Episode: Trial 2 Naked Mission
June 25th 1997
Season 1 Episode 1
Agent Aika Episode: Trial 1 Beautiful Agent
April 25th 1997


Akio Otsuka
Gozo Aida (相田郷造)
Debbie Rabbai
Aika Sumeragi
David Rankin
Gozo Aida
Jeffery Gimble
Shuntaro Michikusa
Hiroko Konishi
Rion Aida (相田りおん)
Directed By: Katsuhiko Nishijima
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