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User Reviews for: 127 Hours

9/10  7 years ago
This is just the level of quality of a film that I've come to expect from Danny Boyle. James Franco delivers another fantastic performance, and for the love of God, if you haven't seen this movie, don't search up anything about it. I was on the message boards on IMDB, and they spoiled the whole thing.

It's based on a true story, and everybody assumes that you already heard of that true story. Which I didn't. But regardless, it's still a great movie that pays attention to details of the actual events. They even use the same camera that was used. It's that kind of detail that makes me praise the director for each choice that he makes.

The claustrophobic cinematography helped create a sense of isolation with the character helping the audience empathises with his struggles any hardships. The ambient and subtle sound design helped to isolate us with the environment and really absorb the surroundings he's in. Danny Boyle's meticulous directing is once again shown here with everything single design choice and stylistic decision making absolute sense in the context of the narrative, once again proving he's one of the best english directors working today.

Watch this movie if you haven't already.
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Reply by Noxiuz
one year ago
I love this movie but didn't even realise it was a Danny Boyle movie. Always worth reading the reviews I guess. really liked your review by the way.
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