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A Few Dollars for Django Poster

A Few Dollars for Django

Not Rated
1h 23m
Django, bounty killer, hunter and repentant bandit wants to start a new life. No more bullets and blood, after years of killing and horror. Django wants to replace the sherrif and restore law and order to lawless land, but faces the history and bloodshed of his own past. Helped by the love of the daughter of a bandit Django can finally bring his life of violence to and end and spend his days in peace... If he can live that long!
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Anthony Steffen
Django / Regan
Frank Wolff
Jim/Trevor Norton
Ennio Girolami
Sam Lister
Joe Kamel
Toms Zalde
Judge's Assistant
Alfonso Rojas
Amos Brownsberg
ngel Ter
il giudice
Directed By: León Klimovsky
Written By: Tito Carpi (Screenplay), Manuel Sebares (Screenplay), + 1 more

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jeffsmith99 says...
4 years ago
Its like the opposite of Fistful of Dollars. In the opening scene of this movie, Regan, a "Bounty Killer" is disguised in a poncho and sombrero, and rides up on a donkey to do some business, Spaghetti Western style. Then he goes to a Montana town where the ranchers and farmers are engaged in a dangerous fight. After first appointing himself Sheriff, he works like a trooper to bring justice to the town, more along the lines of a 50's American western. Check out my list: https://trakt.tv/users/jeffsmith99/lists/spaghetti-westerns-i-want-to-watch You may be able to rent it on Amazon Prime Video Search for it on the Roku Streaming Channel called "Spaghetti Western Central" Or look for it on YouTube: "A Few Dollars for Django (Spaghetti Western, English, Full Movie) free full youtube movies" https://youtu.be/yMX27jnpwak
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