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A Man Called Otto

2h 6m
Comedy, Drama
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A Man Called Otto' Poster
Otto is a grump who's given up on life following the loss of his wife and wants to end it all. When a young family moves in nearby, he meets his match in quick-witted Marisol, leading to a friendship that will turn his world around.
A Man Called Otto Poster

A Man Called Otto

2h 6m
Comedy, Drama
Otto is a grump who's given up on life following the loss of his wife and wants to end it all. When a young family moves in nearby, he meets his match in quick-witted Marisol, leading to a friendship that will turn his world around.
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Tom Hanks
Otto Anderson
Mike Birbiglia
Real Estate Agent
Joe Fishel
Army Doctor
Truman Hanks
Young Otto Anderson
Kelly Lamor Wilson
Shari Kenzie
John Higgins
Hardware Store Clerk
Tony Bingham
Hardware Store Customer
Lily Kozub
Hardware Store Assistant Manager
Mack Bayda
Peter Sipla
Stimco Steel Boss
Patrick Stanny
Stimco Steel Worker
Allyson R Hood
Stimco Steel Worker
Carl Clemons
Stimco Steel Worker
Connor McCanlus
Stimco Steel Worker
Kristy Nolen
Stimco Steel Worker
Dominick Marrone
Stimco Steel Worker
Cindy Jackson
Delivery Person
Directed By: Marc Forster
Written By: David Magee (Screenplay), Fredrik Backman (Novel)

Featured Comments/Tips

cuddlelover says...
a month ago
It’s a good movie!!! No Oscar’s will be won and no body will rave about it…. Don’t wait until you have watched all the movies that you want to see, to get around to this one. Put it on your list for you that movie you want to see soon….. But give it a watch and your guaranteed to cry at least once, it will become a different movie to the one you thought you were going to watch, but that’s not a bad thing! You will figure out where it’s going and what you believe the ending will be, it will then give you a curveball and say “ no we aren’t going there” But then it will immediately start going there, but once again it will look you straight in the face and say “we are fooling with you, we aren’t going to really do that” then it will….. The last ten minutes you will see all those lined up penny’s fall into place and your finish this film feeling how you should…… SAD, HAPPY, TEARFUL but best of all…… COMPLETE
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thefork says...
4 months ago
Based on the lauded Swedish film "En man som heter Ove" (A Man Called Ove). https://trakt.tv/movies/a-man-called-ove-2015
Like  -  Dislike  -  Comment  -  104
Obione_TdG says...
4 weeks ago
Contrary to what the critics said, I quite enjoyed the film. To note however that Tom Hanks was better (here and in general) in the dramatic parts, while in this film I found the comedy sections superior to a drama sometimes too predictable.
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VelvetThunder says...
4 weeks ago
I watched it in the cinema with a reasonable sized audience. Everyone laughed. Everyone cried. It's perfect for achieving exactly what it set out to do. It'd be nice if Tom got awards nods for this, but Mariana Trevino definitely needs nominations.
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Featured User Reviews

6 days ago
A Man Called Otto is heartfelt and sad story about a widowed husband trying to find his place in the world without his wife. It is incredibly touching and can resonate with any audience member no matter the age.

Going into the film, I was expecting it to have it's sad moments but there are times More
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4 weeks ago
Fans of the BBC sitcom "One Foot in the Grave" might recognise something of the "Victor Meldrew" in Tom Hanks' portrayal of the eponymous curmudgeon. Formerly head of the community association, he takes it upon himself each morning to do his "rounds" - checking the gates are closed, the permits are More
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