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User Comments for: A Man Called Otto

cuddlelover says...
3 months ago
It’s a good movie!!!
No Oscar’s will be won and no body will rave about it….
Don’t wait until you have watched all the movies that you want to see, to get around to this one.
Put it on your list for you that movie you want to see soon…..
But give it a watch and your guaranteed to cry at least once, it will become a different movie to the one you thought you were going to watch, but that’s not a bad thing!
You will figure out where it’s going and what you believe the ending will be, it will then give you a curveball and say “ no we aren’t going there”
But then it will immediately start going there, but once again it will look you straight in the face and say “we are fooling with you, we aren’t going to really do that” then it will…..
The last ten minutes you will see all those lined up penny’s fall into place and your finish this film feeling how you should……
SAD, HAPPY, TEARFUL but best of all……
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Reply by Yomie
2 months ago
@cuddlelover I couldn't have said it better
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